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    K11 SR20VET possible?

    Hi guys, I know, this thread again. So just been reading through nik0lai's build thread of his GTiR SR20DET powered 4WD micra and the concept is exactly what I've been trying to piece together in my head for a long time, it makes sense to use a GTiR power train rather than an evo or whatever...
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    K11 SR20DE+T? A return to micra's

    So my BMW has to put it bluntly #### itself, sold it and got a cool 9k burning a hole in my pocket, the sensible voice in my head says "buy a WRX STI" but the other voice is wanting a ridiculously powerful micra. Here's where my question comes in, how much money are we talking to at the very...
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    Realistic glossy carbon wrap?

    Hey guys, thought I'd come back here from the BMW forum to ask this question as you guys are helpful and quite frankly they are useless and don't respond, anyways, anyone know of a realistic carbon fibre wrap that is glossy? Ive wrapped my interior but it's in a matte style wrap and I'm looking...
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    Evo 6 powered micra?

    So I had a rethink of the silly idea of the RB26DETT swap and tried to think of something more compact and 4WD. First obvious 2 were the evo or WRX sti, I'm not personally a fan of the sti's boxer engine so though I'd steer more towards the evo engine, now I'm planning to buy an evo VI or VII in...
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    GT-R engine and gearbox swap? Is it even possible?

    I'm going to have to do a lot more research into this but just a quick question, obviously everything is going to be different like mounts etc but just wondering if an RB26DETT would fit in the K11 engine bay, battery etc can be moved to the boot, but as it's a 4WD gearbox the front wheels need...
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    F/S: K11 Facelift WALD style front & rear bumpers (collecting dust and need a new home)

    Item: K11 Facelift WALD style front and rear bumpers (collecting dust and need a new home) Location: Didcot, Oxfordshire Condition: good condition, would need painting etc before fitment Reason for selling: bought a new car in september 2012 Price: 220 This is as described 2 WALD style front...
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    so happy right now :)

    Just figured out that if I save up some pennies by next august I can afford to buy and insure an RX8, going from a 1litre K11 to a 2.6 litre car. So shocked but so happy, oh and before anyone says, i'm not going to drive it like I think i'm some kind of driving god :P i'll leave that for the...
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    SR20DE conversion?

    Seen the engine code thingy around and about and finally thought i'd let out the question, what engine is this and is it possible to swap this into a K11 and it to pass emissions on MOT, if yes, I feel some work coming on :)
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    insurance return :D

    right basically i'm on a young drivers policy where you have a tracker fitted that monitors how well you're driving, which on a bog standard 1.0l K11 isn't much trouble as you can't go fast enough to drive 'badly', but anyway just had a review and got 170 quid back (Y) all money to put towards...
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    nissan badge mod

    ok just thought i'd throw this out there, anyone tried using a little airfix paintbrush or something to paint the "NISSAN" writing on the bonnet/boot badge? going to be doing mine in a while so chrome badge and vivid green writing (Y) if anyone has done it wanna sling a pic on this thread :wasntme:
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    visual changes to the facelift K11

    right here's the thing, i don't know what to do :P i'm going to be carbon wrapping the bonnet in the summer (on when i'm on a different insurance policy) and i also just discovered sticker bombing ... so i'm definately doing the filler cap and i want to do both front wings but i'm not sure if...
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    the car ... decisions

    Ok here's my situation, I can save 10,000 pounds in 3 years (if i'm good, lol) so here's my decision I either do loads to the micra, spend 1000 on the micra this year then buy a skyline R34 after 3, or, spend 1000 this year and save for a skyline 2000GTR (epicly cool). Now the R34 is easily...
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    plans for my K11

    being as i've done one for mechanical thought i'd do one for body, at the front putting in some black top grilles and cutting out the middles, possibly meshing, taking out the small scoops either side of the main grille and meshing that, and either painting the big grille black with a purple...
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    plans for my K11

    not looking to do any major performance mods yet just some little things, looking to get 50mm lowered springs, either the group A competition airbox kit (matt humphris), a K&N cone filter or an almera/primera 1.6 airbox (need advice on which one is best) help is appreciated :grinning:
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    Facelift bonnet grilles

    Hey everyone :P Does anyone know where you can get black grilles for the bonnet of a facelift K11, mine has the silver ones with the big brows and I really don't like them XD also if anyone knows how to remove the lower grille on the front bumper so it's open mouth gimme a shout, cheers alex
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    exterior changes to standafrd K11

    Hey, i'm new to here and to driving :P but still looking to make some changes to my 2001 1.0 K11; just looking for suggestions really, so far i've decided i'm taking off the plastic bump strips, fitting the factory optional spoiler and some 15" alloys. Also looking to do the widemouth grille and...