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  1. Napster

    For Sale. Nissan Almera GTI Alloys

    For sale 5 Nissan Almera GTI Alloys. 2 good tread, 1 not bad, 2 need replacing. couple are black and the rest are in chrome. will upload pics later. who does everyone use for courier please? cheers naps
  2. Napster

    For Sale: Impul Front Bumper

    Listed on ebay. I'm willing to meet / drive for small petrol contribution to help you members that are far away. any questions just ask. naps
  3. Napster

    For Sale. Light Weight Flywheel

    Purchased off Frank. Never fitted. For CG13. £30 posted
  4. Napster

    For sale. 35mm spacer kit for wide arches

    only had them on the micra for 30minutes, so practically brand new. everything here for spacing alloys out over wide arches. £35 posted.
  5. Napster

    Teddy Bear Alloys

    Am i seeing this right???
  6. Napster

    For Sale. Janspeed Manifold

    For Sale. Janspeed Manifold. Comes with exhaust (Lambda) sensor. Came off my k11. In fairly good condition. No holes! Offers?
  7. Napster

    For sale. k11 SR spoiler

    wrap around SR/super s spoiler. good condition. £40 posted
  8. Napster

    For sale. k11 open mouth grill

    open mouth grill. £20 posted
  9. Napster

    For sale. Sr A-pillar tweeters

    Sr A-pillar tweeters. tweeters are under green tape so i dont lose them. £15 posted
  10. Napster

    For sale. SR instrument cluster

    SR instrument cluster. green facial. rev counter. clock etc. £25 posted????
  11. Napster

    For sale. 3rd rear brake light

    has all wiring and bulb. think its possibly plug and play onto existing wiring in boot? can also supply parcel shelf with 3rd brake light cut out aswell for extra etc. or you just need to cut your original parcel shelf. or mount in different place. £12 posted
  12. Napster

    For sale. K11 haynes manual

    good condition. all pages intact. £12 posted
  13. Napster

    For sale. SR bumpers

    for sale. sr bumpers. comes with front tinted fog lights with bulbs. good condition. regarding collecting, im in cornwall, but will travel up to exeter service station (for a small petrol contribution) on a day that suits the buyer etc. you all know what the bumpers look like but here are the...
  14. Napster

    For sale. Black tinted headlights

    Black inside tinted headlights with custom angel eye lights inside. just connect the led wires to the cigarette lighter to work. £35 posted how they look in daylight on the car leds at night.
  15. Napster

    For sale. horizontal rear wiper

    horizontal rear wiper. good working order. no wiper blade supplied offers normal position: horizontal:
  16. Napster

    For sale. March number plate holder

    march number plate holder. comes with march holder, march nipples, bulbs and wiring for direct replacement. offers
  17. Napster

    For sale. standard SR grill

    Sr standard grill. think its the phase 2 grill? very good condition. £20 posted
  18. Napster

    For Sale. Super S fog lights

    Super S fog lights. comes with bulbs. £25 posted
  19. Napster

    Koni adjustable suspension k11

    just enquiring out of interest, as before i spend ages taking off the suspension for no body to want any body interested in this kit? lowers the back by i think 40-50 mil. it made the car handle very well in my opinion. felt like being in a go-kart. made the steering solid and stiff...
  20. Napster

    For sale. March K11 rear lights

    march k11 rear lights. no bulb holders tho. £40 posted