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  1. Magpie42

    Blurple 2001 Micra Vibe!

    Due to a massive change in personal circumstances and the imminent arrival of a van, I've got to sell my Blurple... He's a 2001 Vibe S, 1 litre 3-door, in "China Blue", only just over 48000 miles, MOT til April 16, 15" alloys (four new tyres last April), lowered on alto springs and corsa...
  2. Magpie42

    Tidy K10 Seats

    Hey you! Psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst. Come over here. Got any K10 seats? Yeah, the grey ones...maybe the brown good nick, yeah? How much you want? £5? £10? More? Don't mug me off...
  3. Magpie42

    Too Much Poke?

    My new ghetto exhaust sticks out quite a bit....and isn't perfectly straight... So... Do I (a) leave it as it is? Or (b) get the grinder out and cut it so it follows the line if the bumper only sticks out about a cm or so...and lose the rolled tips? Whaddyareckon?
  4. Magpie42

    K11 Bits! Magpie's Autojumble!

    Big pile of exciting K11 bits... Some springs...a pair of driveshafts...a low level brake offside headlight with protector...some other exciting shizz... Also have a coilpack rocker cover and some stock front seats which have been attacked by mice but good rails & mechanisms...
  5. Magpie42

    Still wanted...K11 tailgate and 2nd facelift bonnet...

    Hey you! Have you got these things? Ideally in white or silver but any colour will do....yup.... Are you near Norwich? That's just great.... Gimme.
  6. Magpie42

    White K11 Pre-Face 3-door in Norwich - £700

    I've been driving past this little white K11 preface for the last month or looks tidy enough...he's had £700 on it for a you could probably haggle him right down... If you're in Norwich, it's on Woodside Road....or, if anyone wants me to go and get some more info on it...
  7. Magpie42

    GA16 Airbox & Frankspeed Mani

    Having a sort out in my garage (in preparation for my new garage being built....woooo!)...found a GA16 airbox and frankspeed manifold...offers? I've also got a rear bumper that needs a new home... Hit me up homies!
  8. Magpie42

    2006 Suzuki DRZ400SM

    2006 ('56 plate) Suzuki DRZ400SM, black, only 5400 miles, Yoshimura RS2 system, handguards, MOT June 2015, tidy, tidy, tidy...really fun, quick supermoto.. £2500 ono...
  9. Magpie42

    Is there a UKDM scene in Japan?

    Do you think there are people in Japan that import UK-Spec Japanese cars into Japan? Is there an underground UKDM scene? Do they stick little union jacks on their windows? Or L-plates? Hmmm.... I was reading something about two lads who were driving their K10 to Mongolia for...
  10. Magpie42

    Rear Window Removal...

    Yo Homecheeses! Has anyone ever had the pleasure of removing the glass from a K11 tailgate? I've done the side windows before and they were easy the back just as easy (obviously, with disconnecting the heated window a super bonus)....? Or is there something nasty, waiting to...
  11. Magpie42

    Cheap Steelies with Legal Tyres to Borrow or Buy

    I could do with 4 steelies (with legal tyres) to put on Blurple while I do his alloys up all nice and stuff...if you've got a set lying about that I can borrow or buy (pretty cheap), holler... (Ideally around this area....that's Norwich....yup)
  12. Magpie42

    Stock K11 Centre to Backbox Section

    Anyone have an old stock K11 backbox kicking about? I only need the pipe from the centre section up to the backbox, not the box itself... Hit me up yo... Sent from my RM-892_eu_euro1_205 using Tapatalk
  13. Magpie42

    What's Wrong with QGs?

    No-one in here seems to mention the QG15DE and QG18DE engines for engine there something dodgy about them or something? It's just that they're really cheap and look like they'd be a relatively easy fit in a K11.... Are they haunted? Sent from the Magpie's magical nest using Tapatalk
  14. Magpie42

    50% off at Eurocarparts...

    Just found out that there's up to 50% off at Eurocarparts this month...which is nice... if you like bits and stuff....
  15. Magpie42

    A few K11 bits...

    I've got a few K11 bits lying around my garage and I could use the space for other, more important Anyway, if you want any of the luxury items in my list, let me know and I'll come up with a random price....or, make me an offer....the worst I can do is refuse...
  16. Magpie42

    White Tailgate and Bonnet (K11 2nd Facelift)

    If you see these luxury white items at your local scrappies...or just lying around somewhere....let me know! Ideally 2nd facelift bonnet but first should fit too....tailgate can be either... Yay!
  17. Magpie42

    Rear Link Arm Bushes?

    Anyone know where I can get hold of replacement bushes for the rear link arms? They're a bit "sticky" (no, not like that)... and I've got a feeling I'll need to cut the bolts out to get them off...which will, inevitably, involve the destruction of the bushes... Mmmm bushes.
  18. Magpie42

    Yay! East Side page! Here's a photo from beautiful Yarmouth to start things off...
  19. Magpie42

    1st Facelift Grilles

    Roll up! Roll up! Come and purchase this deluxe duo of delicious chrome grilles for a 1st facelift K11! Don't have a K11? It doesn't matter! They'd make the perfect Mother's Day gift or surprise for a loved one. Order now to avoid disappointment! Only £12, including UK postage. Sent...
  20. Magpie42

    Seat Swapping

    Can any of you learned gentlemen and gentleladies and Skymera tell me how easy/hard it is to fit different front seats to the existing subframes (ie. take whole seat out, remove runners, fit runners to new, non-micra seat, fit back in)? Any help would be muchos appreciated!