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  1. Kefke

    JAE 2016 Ticket Thread

    Is it possible to add me and my co-pilot to the BBQ list? Or did you already bought the meat in July? :D
  2. Kefke

    JAE 2016 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    A friend of mine (Wouter Van Moll) is joining me to JAE! But where can we subscribe us for the BBQ and where/when do we need to pay?
  3. Kefke

    JAE 2016 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    Hello, I can officially confirm that I will be at @Jae with the K11 of my girlfriend! 1) Are there more people from the south that are going to JAE? 2) Where can I subscribe for the BBQ? Thanks!
  4. Kefke

    JAE 2016 Ticket Thread

    Hi! Maybe some of you still remember me, I was with the Belgian LHD Micra last year. Normally I go to JAE with some Belgian friends but there bosses retrain there holiday so it will be me alone I think. That's why I wanted to ask if it is possible to join you guys because last year I had fun...
  5. Kefke

    PROject PROfect

    Looks like a Micra WRC, good job!
  6. Kefke

    High fuel consumption

    You can check the coolant sensor ofcourse. De-mount it and you can measure the resistance with your multimeter. I think you find some info about it on this forum. If not, I can send you the values from the workplace manual. What also can me a solution is to remove the waxostat. The idle is...
  7. Kefke

    High fuel consumption

    No, it was not around town. It was a trip from Belgium to the UK and back. But the car was heavy loaded and a lot of traffic jam...
  8. Kefke

    Easy/Cheap mods

    Browse around here and on facebook, you will get enough inspiration.
  9. Kefke

    High fuel consumption

    When my gf uses the 1.0 k11 she does 220miles with a tank. It's only 4miles to her work. When I went to the uk with the Micra, 2 big guys + car full of camping gear I did 370miles with a tank. So, keep the tires on pressure, ensure your maintenance is good (good oil is important), don't do short...
  10. Kefke

    Aarons k11

    Cool! Nice air-intake!
  11. Kefke

    lowering the k11

    Do some searching on this forum. There is plenty of information here.
  12. Kefke

    Another wheel topic - Fitment Nissan Almera wheels

    Are those Almera wheels Andy? They look like 13" wheels...
  13. Kefke

    Micra 1.0 wheel nuts?

    The ones from Ultralite maybe? I think Ultralite is pretty good quality and you don't pay for the brand... Remember, it's really a matter of life and death!
  14. Kefke

    94 Super S Restoration

    Nice car, I'm happy to see that people restore those Super S cars, they are so cool, I cna't believe they go so cheap in the UK!
  15. Kefke

    Micra 1.0 wheel nuts?

    Those are so cheap, I wouldn't bet my life on it!
  16. Kefke

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    I got Almera rims on the Micra! All about how I restored them cheap you can find in this topic:
  17. Kefke

    Another wheel topic - Fitment Nissan Almera wheels

    I sprayed the Almera wheels that I bought. Like you can see, after a big wash the wheels where okay but because of the "lead weight" (how to align the wheels, how is it called in English?) there was oxidation on 1 wheel (the one at the back) So I used a sand sponge to rub them up, then primer...
  18. Kefke

    My lil' green Ruby

    Nice project! I'm always doubting about the handling if you replace the springs but not the dampers...
  19. Kefke

    Micra K11 doesn't start after short drive - Start only with open airbox

    I did the adjustment with the resitor and you tested it with your computer? The strange thing is, it's only when the car drove a small distance. I think there is something that only "resets" when the engine had been hot or something...
  20. Kefke

    Engine refusing to start, ECU?

    Open the airbox, you will smell fuel normally :-) (if that is the problem)