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    Urgent: Camshaft replacement qeustion

    Hi, we were planning to replace the 1.0 camshafts for some 1.3 camshaft. when we took of the camshaft cover we saw the text ''1300I'' on the camshafts. does this mean we already have some 1.3 camshafts in in the engine? here are some pictures of it: So can someone tell...
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    My Micra K11 1.0

    Hi, first of all let me introduce myself. I'm Rick and i'm from the netherlands. I have a Micra K11 1.0 LX from 1992. It has some little dents in its body but hey, its a car from 92. so i began to modify my micra about a year ago. this was my micra in the first stage (without the aftermarket...
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    MS Design fog light

    Hi everyone, Im from the netherlands and im searching for a fog light for my K11. It has a MS design bumper and because they are so rare here in holland i cant find a fog light for it, so maybe one of you guys has one on the shelf? i only need the left light, because i already have the right...