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  1. Robbie 733

    K11 complete turbo kit

    Seat rail still available (if Costeloch hasn't bought it) ?
  2. Robbie 733

    K11 rear axle with disc brakes

    As title, if anyone knows where I can locate a rear axle with calipers, please let me know. Ta.
  3. Robbie 733

    Rear axle

    I'm looking for a K11 rear axle with disc brakes, if I can find one, you can have my drum brake version. Located in Surrey.
  4. Robbie 733

    Bits for sale - K11 Foglights, Alloys and Tires, Sportex BackBox, Parcel Shelf, Induction Kit...

    What's the radio aerial like ?? Mine has broken just above the screw in section .... Thanks
  5. Robbie 733

    K11 Speedo with rev counter

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of instruments with the electronic Rev Counter for my 1998 facelift K11. Mileage immaterial. Thanks, Me
  6. Robbie 733

    Breaking k11 facelift 1.3 high spec

    Amy, do you have a set of instruments with the rev counter for a K11 facelift ? Thanks, Me.
  7. Robbie 733

    IOM 2018 ......

    Hi chaps, anyone on the IOM know how I can get hold of the Steam-Racket Line as they are not answering their phones on what should be the first day of ticket sales for the TT next year ? If you have any cunning ideas please text me on 07770 626634 thanks
  8. Robbie 733

    Are they starting to dissapear?

    dI Different headlights, possible front end damage ? Cheap car none the less !
  9. Robbie 733

    K11 breaking

    Envelope arrived today, thanks very much !
  10. Robbie 733

    K11 Top Speed?

    Recorded on my GPS speed camera detector, 135 mph going under the bridge at the end of the Dottinger Hohe straight. The down side is my car now seems to be destroying speedo-drives ...... Or perhaps this is just a coincidence that I've gone way past the end of the 120 mph speedo ?
  11. Robbie 733

    K11 breaking

    Hi, if you dismantle it any more, can I have the speedo-drive off the gearbox ? Please let me know the price posted to Redhill, Surrey. Thanks, Robbie. 07770 626634
  12. Robbie 733

    New K11

    Hi Kayleigh, my order of 'improvements' was brakes, suspension, exhaust, induction and wheels / tyres. It probably depends on what work needs doing (if anything) and what you don't like about the car currently ? Most of my changes were due to MOT failures :-)
  13. Robbie 733

    Pollymobile II Specification

    I know, I've been there a few times .... it's a good job the ferry costs so much, or there could be all sorts of 'rubbish' driving around Liverpool / Heysham !
  14. Robbie 733

    Breaking k11 facelift 1.3 high spec

    Hi Davyboy, I was trying to point you towards my K11 micra photo :-) Part number might be: 25010 6F600
  15. Robbie 733

    Breaking k11 facelift 1.3 high spec

    Hi, yes please, the sender unit that sits on top of the gearbox / diff might have 3 wires going into it ??? For a Facelift K11, 1998 vintage. {------- Looks just like this !
  16. Robbie 733

    Pollymobile II Specification

    Paul's correct, I need to keep the existing instruments working so that the Insurance Co can check my annual mileage (and it makes the MOT's concurrent) Not sure I'll ever be selling Project Micra ..... I'll probably be buried in it :-)
  17. Robbie 733

    Breaking k11 facelift 1.3 high spec

    Hi Amy, Do you have a speedo sender unit for an electronic set of instruments ? 1998 Facelift K11. Thanks, Robbie
  18. Robbie 733

    Electronic Speedo Sender Unit

    Hey up, anyone breaking a K11 with a working speedo sender unit for an electronic dash ? Thanks, Robbie.