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  1. Dj.c.k

    Fuel rail & injectors?

    So the turbo build is nearing completion however the garage doing the work is not happy with modifying the 200sx fuel rail and wants me to keep the stock injectors. I know these won't be upto the job and heard a coilpack fuel rail is a direct swap but opens up the options for bigger injectors...
  2. Dj.c.k

    Wide arch problems

    Hi everyone, need some wide arches for my k11 to cover the wide wheels. Problem I've got is the rear is a 5 door. Has anyone fitted any to there car? I've got a set of nismo arches and can get the front to fit however the rear will be miles out or need a lot of modifications to fit over door...
  3. Dj.c.k

    Radiator cap and heat shield

    Hi guys (and girls) I'm starting to tidy up the engine bay on my 93 k11 and seen a few smart radiator caps on ebay, however in description there are universal for type N and type D radiator's. Any idea what is on the Micra as don't want to order it if it won't fit and they don't specify size...
  4. Dj.c.k

    Spotted for sale

    Spotted this earlier on my local buy and sell page on fb. Looks quite tidy but no mot but bargain at £150!
  5. Dj.c.k

    Spotted this on local buy & sell page

    Spotted this rather clean looking Micra on my local buy and sell page on Facebook (For sale Northwich and winsford) page Here in Cheshire. Just thought I'd share incase someone is looking for one. Up for £395 but looking for a quick sale so I'm sure a deal could be had. Hope the link below...
  6. Dj.c.k

    Mot passed & engine tidy up

    Well the old girl passed her mot so treated her to some new bits including New rocker cover, green ht leads, blue hoses, strut brace, white line panhard rod, pads & discs, long wheel studs, new shocks & 60mm lowering springs, stainless back box! Next up induction kit, engine bay and get the...