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  1. Arnold

    JAE 2021 - All the info you need!

    Can't wait! Fingers crossed it actually happens.
  2. Arnold

    JAE 2019 Stand list - post here if you're coming!

    Come to the show (if it happens) then you can look at the stuff for real!
  3. Arnold

    Worst Micras You've Seen

    Different era seeing some of these Micras, remind me when the scene first started. Delta kits, Venom wheels, bolt on spoilers and the like. Now instead of the above parts, people will just stance, bag and make their cars drive broken instead of look broken.
  4. Arnold

    JAE 2019 Discussion Thread

    I'm trying to get a Japanese car for this so I don't have to bring the Peugeot.
  5. Arnold

    Nissan march Super Turbo

    MOT expired in 2014 and it's currently Sorned according to the DVLA website.
  6. Arnold

    Beaulieu simply Japanese

    I was going to go but something else has come up, but looks like it'll be a good event. Have a good one!
  7. Arnold

    JAE 2016 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    I'll be there Thursday onwards now. Can't wait :D
  8. Arnold

    JAE 2016 - Discussion Thread!

    Just bought my ticket! Can't wait
  9. Arnold

    JAE 2016 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    Me Me Me!!! Just won't be there until late Friday as I can't get the day off work
  10. Arnold

    ED Fusion

    He's a busy guy, but that's definitely his contact details. Keep trying
  11. Arnold

    JAE 2015 - Discussion Thread!

    I'll be there! Bit further away but they could have it in Scotland and i'd still go
  12. Arnold

    JAE 2015 Stand List | Post Here if you're coming!

    I'm there!! - Why is the MSC saying i'm an unpaid member :confused:
  13. Arnold

    My wedding day

    Congratulations Ant, looks like a great day.
  14. Arnold

    Layla's going :(

    My sister had a 205 like that and I quite liked it. It overheated though on a 20 mile trip to Brighton, but it had character. Wonder what a GTI version would be like to own. Enjoy the car, but you'll be back ;)
  15. Arnold

    - Official JAE 2014 Photos Thread -

    My photos from JAE can be found here :) LINK
  16. Arnold

    - Official JAE 2014 Photos Thread -

    Those official photos are awesome, looks like the dragon boat race was a right laugh
  17. Arnold

    - Official JAE 2014 Photos Thread -

    What James said. Hopefully extra attention will encourage more to attend next year, but feel free to move it back James if it should be there
  18. Arnold

    - Official JAE 2014 Photos Thread -

    @MicraPRO Right, I've figured it out. Cheers for sharing your photos, love the ones of my V :)
  19. Arnold

    JAE 2014 - Discussion Thread!

    Please put photos and stuff are in here everyone :)