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    HELP NEEDED!! Gearbox problems...

    oh ic, I just thought that a 5 speed box would be great so that i won't leave the engine revving thus enhancing fuel economy haha
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    HELP NEEDED!! Gearbox problems...

    but i've read the 1.2L one has a better ratio right? if i don't find a 1.2L one i'll go for the 1.0L 5 speed one...
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    HELP NEEDED!! Gearbox problems...

    great :) thanks
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    HELP NEEDED!! Gearbox problems...

    So the mechanic just called telling me the gearbox is almost dead... My micra has a 4 speed box but i would like to swap it with a 5 speed one... Is there any gearboxes which are a straight fit without need of modification which are 5 speed? Which ones? Thanks :D
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    Smoking Tail Lights

    interesting But I fear of doing an uneven job with the spray while i was thinking of a 15% light smoke tint film but another opinion won't do any harm eh :grinning:
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    Smoking Tail Lights

    Hi there I m thinking of smoking the rear Lights but am undecided whether using the spray or tinting film. Has anyone done i before and how?
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    K10 Super S Kit help

    Wow thats one nice K10. I wish i could get my hands on a super s kit :/
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    K10 Super S Kit help

    Nice thanks guys! I think colour coding is not a problem. I should hand them over to a sprayer and let him do a proper job. The actual problem is getting hold of a super s kit since its getting more and more rare hehe.
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    fitting a rev counter dash

    Can't you fit an aftermarket rev counter gauge onto the dash instead of putting one into the dash? I think it looks better anyhow.
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    K10 Super S Kit help

    hi guys I would like to know if there is any significant difference between the front and rear bumber of the normal k10 5dr version and the super s k10. Also would like to know if the side skirts will be a tough job to fit them along with the arches. And even the spoilers. Thanks:grinning:
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    K10 some modded parts and standards sale

    nice... how much for the tinted lights then?
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    micRAT for sale

    how much for the ss kit ?
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    k10 super s kit, weber, maybe more...

    how much for the kit m8?
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    k10 super s kit

    how much for everything?
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    K10 Super S Interior + Bodykit

    would the skirts fit a 5dr L micra K10 1990 ? how much if yes?
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    sure it helped!! thanks m8 :)
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    K10 radio Wiring?? Help please

    I've got an aftermarket Kenwood Head Unit and I cannot iinstall it with a direct fit into the harness of my K10. I went to a car shop near by and asked for the adaptor and got one but I have to cut and solder the new adaptor insted of th old one in the K10. I doubt the other adaptors willfit...
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    hannibal how did you install the oil pressure gauge pls?
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    paint code

    Hi there, the code is right next to the words Color,Trim NOT below but Next to those words. Mine is a solid red K10 and the color code is 526 K. Hope this helps!!
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    I m afraid it would cost a bit though. i m on a very tight budget... for now -.-' but I'll begin asking some spraying garages or something...