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    Parts wanted for a poorley k10 who can help

    After a few bits A 2 door near side door in gold? I can swap glass etc so it doesn't need that Parcel shelf under dash? With fittings if possible. And also rear parcel shelf again with fittings if possible. Also some good gas struts for boot? Seem to remember someone saying somewhere that...
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    K11 Ashley sports exhaust mani back £100

    Pick up only unless you wanna organise a courier. It's in great shape, was gonna put it on the pao but I sold it. Mods couldn't see where to put this so if any one would like to move to a better area then I'd appreciate it. All changed since I was last on here
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    Whats the rear shock diameter

    On a k11 Thanks Geoff
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    What's the rear shock diameter

    I have a k10 based Nissan pao and I was looking at getting a coilie conversion for the rear, so what diameter are the rear shocks? Thanks Geoff
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    project badass '89 pao

    ok well I grabbed this cheeky ride off here about a week back and finally took paossesion of it this evening. its immaculate even if I do say so my self big fault is the car is over fueling, but I already have a replacement carbs in the wings.. only small fault the radio will only pick up...
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    pao (k10) engine running problems

    ok so bought a second hand carb off retrorides to fit as previous owner said this was the problem. this carb didnt fit ( alot more electronics on the pao carb ) so im used to either injection systems or the only carbs im used to are weber twin 40's. so any way the car runs lumpy as hell just...
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    good mechanic in south london

    anybody know of any??? as i need the pao running but it just aint happening runs like ####coughing and spluttering, and these little engine bays confuse me
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    k11 camber arms on a k10

    looking to fit some to my pao in the near future and seeing as adjustable top plates are non existent, how easy would these be to fit???? im clueless with this stuff by the way. my comfort zone is drift cars and old fords ps ill be fitting coil overs as well...
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    not a micra owner but its micra based

    just joined up as im looking to mod my nissan pao it needs to be fruity as all my other cars have been any way hello all and some pics hope you don't chastise me too much and previous cars