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    1 Litre to 1.4 swap micra k11

    Hi everyone, I bought a 1.4 micra with the intention of swapping it into my 1 litre. The 1.4 has air con and the 1 litre does not, is it possible to remove the air con completely? Does anyone have experience engine swapping 1 > 1.4? If so any tips would help! I’m currently watching this: It...
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    speedometer not working

    Is there a way to figure out if your instrument cluster is broken or your speed sensor? I have no fault codes coming up.
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    Instrument cluster or speed sensor?

    Hey guys, My speedometer isn't working, is there a way to test if its the cluster that is bust or the sensor? I've run an ODB 2 test with no codes. 2002 micra k11 - 1 litre // CG10DE Thanks
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    Hole in tranmission

    The other day I had a bad gearbox oil leak and have not driven the car since, I've just got the time to look underneath and found a literal hole in the transmission where it must have been coming out of, what do you guys think? Is there a way to recover this? Or what would you suggest?
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    K11 1L Coilpack to 1.4L Coilpack?

    Hey guys, I have an '02 Micra K11 S 1L coilpack, I was wondering how difficult it would be to swap this out for a 1.4L coilpack engine? And what other parts would need changing? (e.g. fuel pump?) Thanks guys