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    Fancy an almost like new k11..

    A nice treat here for K11 fans. Nice price as well...:D 2001 Nissan Micra 1.0 E 3dr Hatchback Petrol Manual
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    Article on micras.

    Furiously rust proofing my new k11 aquision ;0) I didn'r realise the k11 is becoming a threatened species. Check out this article.
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    Finding Nemo the micra.

    Well, Just started searching for another late k11 without any rot in it for around £500. It is proving not to as easy as one might think. As Lord Sugar say"the search continues"..
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    Rusty seat bottom

    Hi folks. Just curious. Sorry to flog the old rust thread to death. Though has anyone had a problem with rust under the back of the driver's seat. This 2001 micra was waxoyled under the seat from new and came factory undersealed under the floor. It has still manged to create a hole the size and...
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    High idle on start up.

    Hi folks, Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with idle having a mind of it's own sometimes. It is most noticeable on startup as it revs up twice to three times as high as it should. It also sometimes does it while warm. It usually revs back down slowly after about ten seconds. If the...
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    Max micra MOT spend ?

    Hi Folks, Would be really interesting on hearing people's thoughts on what the average maximum spend would be to get an 18 year old micra through its MOT. ? Personally, with up to two or three small jobs and a the MOt fee included, I would say it would be worth spending up to £150 total. This...
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    Advice please on brake pad brand..;p

    Hi guys n girls, Can anyone please advise on which if any of the following would be the preferred brand of front brake pad from EP. Eicher Drivemeaster both at £11.50 with todays 50% off sale Brembo Pagid mintex all about about £15 with the sale Many thanks for any input folks in...
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    Nissan Micra Mongol Rally Car 1.0l 3 door Vibe

    on ebay if anyone is interested and wants to have a crack at that rally!
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    Micra 2000 k11 won't engage 5th gear, any ideas?

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if any of you fellow people had come across a k11 that won't engage 5th gear? It is not a biggy to be honest as i am just looking at another micra for spares. This one is a bit dented also so should be ideal ! It has 7 months mot everything else seems to be in order...
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    Ideas for k11 Alarm System or dash cam?

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some sort of alarm system for a k11? As the locks don't seem to be that jimmy proof on the micra, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a mobile type of alarm that would fit into the car, without too much hard wiring as the car is nearly eighteen...
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    Anyone fitted a driver's door barrel lock?

    Hi, Has anyone fitted the driver's door barrel lock? It looks straight forward but thought I'd just check if that plate holding the barrel in the door gives any trouble getting it out. Think I'll give it a squirt of gasplus if its gonna be stubborn. Thanks anyhows for checking this out..:p
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    Can someone recommend some micra ramps?

    Hi, Happy good Friday/easter bank hols to all you micra fans. :) Just wondering if any of you can recommend some car ramps for the micra or has anyone made some themselves out of wood? If so, how high/ long did you make them? Anyhows, thanks in advance for any interest/input and happy bank...
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    Can anyone advise on a brand of air filter?

    Hi micra fans, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on a bog standard brand of air filter for a K11? Do you think the brand makes much difference? The engine light or otherwise known as lamp of doom has now been extinguished now thankfully ;p I have just renewed the MAF sensor and...
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    Ebay MAFs any good?

    Hi folks, I was just wondering if anyone had got a MAF sensor from somewhere like ebay and was it any good? This sensor is off a 2001 bosch type throttle body that can't be soldered. Does anyone know of a particular company/web site that has been supplied a reliable MAF sensor? Many...
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    What fault code reader?

    Hi guys n girls, Merry x mas , ho ho ho and all those snowy greeting to ya.. Just like to pick your brain cells a little, if I may. Can anyone recommend a fault code reader? I have a redish/orange engine warning light that has been on for 6 months now and its a persistent little blighter. I...
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    any ideas on A2A exhaust silencer folks?

    Hi guys n girls, Just failed the micra MOT on a slightly windy backbox/silencer..oww err misses..;p I just priced up a replacement backbox for £48 fitted in one of those tyre/exhausts places and they use A2A exhausts. I was just wondering if anyone had had any experience or even heard of...
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    First sign of needing a new battery?

    Hi guys n girls, may I pick your brains about changing my car battery? I have been well chuffed with the calcium battery I put in my micra some eight years ago. However, I think the battery may be on its way out due to the refusing to start halfway through its weekly sunday main drive. I...
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    Car Fault Code Reader for MIL engine warning light?

    Hi guys n girls. I have just had the amber engine warning light come up on my k11 dash board and wondered if anyone on here had any luck diagnosing the same sort of problem with one of the cheap car fault readers you can get on Ebay? Has anyone connected a Car Fault Code Reader MS309 Engine...
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    Please advise on brand of micra c v boot

    Hi folks, I am looking to change my micra c v boot and was wondering if anyone can throw some light on a suitable brand to use. I seem to be changing the rubber boots every two years and was wondering if anyone had experience of using a brand that lasted a bit longer than this? I have used...
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    Wanted :K11 silver 3 door driver door

    Hi folks, Does anyone know of a spare k11 silver , 3 door, driver side door or of a scrapyard that has one? Many thanks