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    1.6 micra update

    well my 1.6 has had a bump. someone has pulled out infront of me and it needs a wing, headlight and the headlight panel has been pushed back. im hopeful that it will see the road again especailly as it has 10 months MOT and 5 months tax. anyway the other party isnt admitting liabilty, the...
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    styling ....

    well ive been busy with the primicra over the last while, swapping the engine, loom and ECU etc. as well as sourcing a free flow exhaust, cold air filter ..... also the sills needed extensive work, and its up for mot tomorrow .... just relised tonight when setting the headlights that the NS...
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    general micra query

    what size tyres would be best on a set of 14" wheels ...... k10 and k11 ..... lowered 50mm will be used for fast road use/backroads, track and winter use ! 185/55/14 any good ?
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    fuel pressure regulator + general queries

    can you confirm that a 1.0l throttle body will be sufficent to run with a 1.6 ECU, injectors ecu etc. and not restrict it ?? i can get the 1.0l to run, i cant get the 1.6, its basically a 1.6 engine running a 1.0l throttle body ? the car has ga16de, inducion kit + 2 1/4" straight through pipe...
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    JDM micra ? how to achive the look ? i have the wheels sorted :) dont want full JDM graphics, just sublte ones .... any other thoughts on other styling ?
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    im after some graphics for my red micra. its very simliar to this ......... open mouth grille, super s bumper ..... wheels havent been chosen yet. maybe be GTi-r wheels in white .... when i got the car there were...
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    ga16 (primera) but its in a micra. what basic management would i need ? its a cheap winter car, so dont want be spending mega bucks. about 7-9Psi on t2 or t25 (turbo sale fell through so havent sourced another just yet) thanks
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    lighting with no electricity

    lighting with no electricity basically im going to be moving into my new lockup/garage and it has no electric. ive seen the 12v handlamps but dont have that many batterys about me to keep them going. and just say the car isnt able to start while im working on it a time or two ?? i...
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    new car :)

    micra sold, then BM coupe sold, mr2 turbo sold, pri-micra (1.6 micra) still here ... and picked up this wee best tonight last owners pictures (more to follow soon) ... completly mint mint mint, 2 women owners :) stage one in few weeks parts i have sitting for it (already yes yes :p) apexi...
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    brake queries

    what size of piping .... and also screw/nut/end's are used for 1993 k11 ? also what size spanner will i need to do a full set of brake pipes on the car ?
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    My New Project :) .... micra micra micra ....

    well im back into the micra world once more. this is a serious amount of work, it really is ! engine/transmission/chassis/electrics - nissan 1600 16v and eqivelant gearbox (custom mounts, shafts, loom) requires CAT for Mot complete custom exhaust in the future going to rewire...
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    sills - were ?

    were am i able to source sills for a micra ? thanks ppl
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    best handling micra ?

    what would need to be added for a go-kart like micra ? lowering springs ? (35mm lowering springs , compressed an extra 35mm ? total 70mm stiff/hard springs) front srtut brace ? and what else ? castor/camber / panhard rod ? and what are the advantages of each ? thanks (this is for...
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    general exhaust queries

    what diameter would be auitable for what BHP ??? ie i heard 2.5" systems are good for mr2s to 300 BHP (or 350 BHP) what are the likes of standard micras/primeras etc. and aftermarket like janspeed etc? /// 1.5" /// 2" /// 2.5" /// 3" /// thanks
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    photoshop request

    can someone photoshop these graphics (fella off local cruise board) onto this micra (goldstars old one, hope dont mind me using the pic) ...... (maybe start the point of the stripes at the bottom front corner of the sills) i like the red + white combo ..... just wondered what it would...
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    almera GTi

    do almera Gti discs + calipers fit the micra ? i have gti-r calipers .... will the discs suit ?? what other parts can i rob from a scrapped almera Gti for my micra ??
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    ignition barrell ? can it be changed ?

    say the ignition barrel was damaged , can you remove and renew it ? even the whole set to keep the key the same for the whole car ? can it be done ? easy enough ?
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    Nex - anyone help

    could some1 email me nex's number ? need to ask him something but he hasnt been on the net much recently, was gona give him a bell. thanks, me mail is leegreer1 (at) No1 ? No1 ? bump
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    brakes - quicky

    what discs/calipers fit without modding ?? almera, primera ? gti-r ? sunny ?
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    Im Back :)

    well some of you may remember me , some may not. il be about the forums for a bit now and again as im currently sourcing parts/info on a micra coversion to keep me occuppied over the summer months (and i miss the micra so much, lol, i want a sleeper and you half expect corsas/novas/saxos to...