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    12v auxiliary power not working + minor problem with electric windows

    Hi all, In my K11, I've just noticed the other day when plugging in my sat nav that the 12v aux power supply/cig lighter doesn't seem to be giving any power. I've removed the old cd player recently and during that process I had to remove the part of the dash (and temporarily disconnect the...
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    Need help with finding parts for a single din space (with pics)

    Hi all, I've recently bought a jap import K11 and it came with a double din car cd player. As it's not the best I've replaced it with a Kenwood KDC-BT8041U although I'm still waiting for the ISO harness adapter to arrive from the UK which is why it ain't fitted in the pics yet but it will be...
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    Newbie driver, newbie owner!

    Hi all, Just a quick hello from Dublin. Got myself a 2000 jap import Nissan March there a few weeks back. It's my first car and have to say for such a small machine, I'm well impressed (Y) I'm 30 and a late starter to both driving and Micras! Anyways, glad to be here. No doubt I'll have...