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    wet petrol?

    I'd just try it and see, any gunk would've settled to the bottom of the tank and I'd suggest you are less likely to pick it up there. I had a patch of bad fuel once and even after draining the tank it still had problems, hesitation and coughing etc, what eventually sorted it was putting a...
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    K11 1.0 2001 manual gearbox oil change

    There's a drain and fill plug on the side of the box, they take a socket extension or driver, make sure you take the upper fill plug out (or at least loosen it) before removing the drain plug. Fill until you get to the level of the fill plug, ie you get a dribble out the hole. I can't remember...
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    Battery keeps going flat

    When I did my engine conversion I used a Suzuki alternator, I originally wired it up as for the micra but found the alternator was a little warm and the battery draining, it seems the Suzuki alternator wanted a switched power feed rather than what the micra wiring loom had, it was a while ago...
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    Nissan Micra K11 SR+T

    Is it the SR ECU + nistune? aftermarket ECUs do boost by gear then you could use your buttons as push to pass, ie ignore the boost restrictions. Even without it some clever bugger (more than me) would be able to make a box to determine the gear by comparing wheel speed to rpm and restricting...
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    The brushes are easy and cheap enough to replace that it's worth a try, take the holder to an auto electrician and see if they can help you. It helped briefly on one I was trying to fix but the problem came back... We suspected the electromagnetic powder clutch, it's not a torque converter...
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    Raised Bonnet to Clear ITB's

    Aerodynamically the base of the windscreen is an area of high air pressure, this is why cabin air vents are often put there, to improve airflow through radiators you'd want low under bonnet air pressure so given this a raised bonnet is unlikely to assist cooling whilst moving at any sort of...
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Those exhaust mounts look the same as ones that get used on minis, I've found that there are some bigger diameter, but thickness remains the same, mounts made for morris 1100s or ado16 if you find you need a sturdier mount. I thick it was a Mackay rubber part.
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Is it worth trying a larger steering wheel? Less caster? I'm not sure what your caster is set at, or even just pumping up the front tyres some more?
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    Picture of location dashboard lights

    There's generally a picture in the owners manual for most cars. If not I'd get a torch and shine it through from the back so you can see the icons and go from there, some locations won't be used on all models, so there will be a spot for the globe and a icon but the car doesn't have that feature.
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    Kill switch

    I almost remembered correctly... Kill switch install starts at about 11.26.
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    Kill switch

    An engine can continue running without the battery connected using the power generated by the alternator, so this needs to be disconnected in the same switch, bad obsession motorsport installed one on thier Citroen racecar and explained why it needs to cut both circiuts.
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    Bike throttle bodies inlet length? CGA3

    A couple of thoughts, I'd expect the sound to be length dependant all else being equal, that is length from the back of the inlet valve to the trumpet not too the butterfly. So short inlet runners on long trumpets or short trumpets on long runners of guess the result would be similar. That...
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    New to Micras, Come from the Godzilla side of the Nissan house.

    That's it, Also later cga3de had coilpack ignition and a bit more displacement, but flywheel is heavy and difficult to lighten iirc due to having an integrated crank angle trigger wheel. Later NATS anti theft can be a pain.
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    1.4 CGA3 N/A Build - High compression psi

    You don't, it wouldn't make any sense, a compression ratio is derived from the geometry of the engine, the engine has the same compression ratio irrespective of what cam is in it, the compression test results would depend on the ring sealing, cranking speed, cams, compression ratio, valve...
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    New to Micras, Come from the Godzilla side of the Nissan house.

    Automatic blocks were semi closed deck so can be better for boosting, LSD or ATB diffs are available through Matt Humphries.
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    1.3 auto oil cooler

    When I was worried about cooling on my cg13 mini I found a pair of motorbike radiators that have the same size inlet and outlet as the heater outlets on the cg13, you could plumb one in to your heater circuit to help improve cooling.
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    Cylinder walls ok?

    There is probably a lip at the top of the bores where the top ring doesn't reach the top of the bore which will allow you to roughly assess wear, after that I'd get a machinist to check size, taper, and concentricity if these are out of spec then a bore and hone, if not a hone and you could...
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    Can you get silicone hose kits for 1l k11?

    They would be compatible it'd say, it's the same block, head, and radiator(I think) so I can't see a reason for them to be different. We don't get cg10s here so others might confirm this.
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    Any advice? I have to sell/scrap my 1995 K11 auto (London ULEZ expansion)

    You may be able to prove your micra compiles with the ULEZ emmisions requirements, see this thread, thanks to DanDan for going to the effort.
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    Exhaust Manifold - Home Made

    Some of the guys swapping cg's into minis use the same manifold as thier starting point.