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  1. MicraPRO

    Nismo replica front lip

    Hey guys both myself and chloe have now sat down and fully reviewed my purchase from humphris. Looks like it could be quite easy to make replicas from so out of interest would anyone be interested? I want to extend this offer to MSC official members only as I feel Facebook is taking over too...
  2. MicraPRO

    Micras on the box!

    Thought I'd start a random thread completely dedicated to photos of micras that you see on the telly. Why not hey :)
  3. MicraPRO

    Wheel wobble.

    Alright gents millie has a wheel wobble and has had for some time I've tried lots of things to get rid of it. Wheels fine not buckled or bent she's had new tyres all balanced up no weights have been lost... Both tie rods have been changed. Suspension shocks changed. And there is no play in the...
  4. MicraPRO

    Oil loss and high temperature.

    Hi guys :( Got a wee problem... burning oil and temperature gauge is climbing into the red when im stationary I can't for the life of me work out what is wrong @frank help!!!
  5. MicraPRO

    Cutting out problems...

    Heya guys... Clodos got an issue with what I believe to be the throttle body, when coming to a junction and stopping the engine dies and has to be restarted with the key, Or just when slowing down... And she says if very down on power, Almost lagging when she trys to pull away from anywhere...
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    Hey guys H701micra suggested this thread idea and I agree 'before and after' threads... So heres my millie how she started out on the snowy febuary that I bought her... No interior pics sorry... but she was totally standard... and after... Interior changes so far... Changed dash bulbs...
  7. MicraPRO

    C.V joint knocking...

    Had this fail my last Mot changed it but it still knocks like a bugger on full lock ive checked both and there still all intact... any ideas gents?
  8. MicraPRO

    Wanted. Light stalk with front fog switch.

    Required for pre facelift 1996. Let me know if your getting rid. Postage to Norwich cash waiting.
  9. MicraPRO

    F/S K11 rear mud flaps.

    Just sat in the shed doing nothing ready primered for any colour. £5 + postage... Quote on postage is £3.50 due to size. Norwich.
  10. MicraPRO

    Headlight advice.

    Hey up guys I've got a problem with both headlights they work but are about the same strength as a tea light and really not able to see as well as I have been able to in the past, I've been staring at the Haynes manual for the past half hour and now my head hurts just lots of lines going to...
  11. MicraPRO

    Wanted: 4-2-1 Manifold k11 CG13

    Hey guys pm me if you've got one you need/want rid of :) Tom.
  12. MicraPRO

    Unknown offset...

    I'm confused... as some of you will know I've been running cheapie gold wheels for a while and after fitting new brakes today I realised that they simply have to go... As I've really taken a fancy to lenso rs5's When I bought the gold wheels I didn't check offset I just put them on went for a...
  13. MicraPRO

    K11 JDM Top Dash Pod

    I need one in my life!!! Spilt coffee in my lap for the third time tonight and dont think the wedding veg are coping to well... Anyone got a spare? Or breaking let me know... Cash waiting Tom.
  14. MicraPRO

    Micra PROs Wanted Parts.

    Hey guys few bits I'm looking for I need a front tow eye cover for the super s bumper if anyone has a spare or unwanted one... Front super s passenger fog as mine looks like it's melted the internal core... Primera side skirts wanted or any that will fit let me know what youve got. Spare...
  15. MicraPRO


    Ok so i was driving home this morning after a very long nightshift... tired / sort of on auto pilot. looked at my clocks and the temp gauge was well over the red marker and compleatly vertical... so in a blind panic i stopped thinking maybe id blown the head? but no leaks no (hot smell) no cream...
  16. MicraPRO

    Central Locking... Adding A Key Fob

    well says it all really... i have got central locking on my little millie but working on a key and there has never been a fob for it, does anyone have any idea how hard or possible it is to get a fob? so its compleatly remote locking?
  17. MicraPRO


    Looking to tint the rear side windows limo black and also the rear window... but i have the lower center mounted 3rd brake light just wondered if it would be ok to tint all the glass or if i would have to cut out around the 3rd break light? any ideas?
  18. MicraPRO

    PROject PROfect

    Welcome to my Millie Micra blog! P941 PRO PROject PROfect play on perfect there for you... Its hard to believe I've owned her for over 4 years now what really was supposed to be a cheap first car has turned into what it is today just a love for these crappy little cars and I'm lucky enough to...
  19. MicraPRO

    Colour Match???

    Hey guys new to all this, just wondering if anyones got any idea where the best place to get a colour match from is. The paint code for my little micra is AP OK but there is no number with it but iv searched the web and theres nothing... could it be because its metalic... iv never seen a 1.3gx...