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  1. CrispyCleane

    Tyre sizes and what you'd run

    hey all, the tyres are beginning to wear thin on my k11 and I want to upgrade to a gripper deal, but 14 x5 is a difficult size to find decent tyres for. currently I'm either looking at splashing out on some 15s on a 7j width, or going for some 155 55 r14 nankang ns2s. my only worry is that...
  2. CrispyCleane

    Front left clunk-- Solved

    Hey fellas, I've been having a clunking sound come from the front left suspension assembly when going over divots in the road, it seems like sometimes loose or disconnecting from where it should however the car feels and handles fine. I've looked at the assembly and nothings noticeably loose or...
  3. CrispyCleane

    Rattly mid silencer

    hey fellas, it's been a while. The micras been driving and running great with all the mods, however Ive got a horrendous rattle coming from the inside of my mid section silencer. upon looking online, it's considerably cheaper to buy a 92-00 mid sec that doesn't have said silencer. is this going...
  4. CrispyCleane

    Explain these coilovers!

    Hello all. After a few months of waiting my coilover set from Furyautoworx finally arrived! However I can't figure out what's going on with them. They are said to come with rear bc racing springs yet there are none in the box and include this interesting setup for the front. Can anyone debunk...
  5. CrispyCleane

    CrispyCleane's Blue Badboy

    Hello all! It's been a long time coming (spent 2 years lurking and dreaming of modding my runabout) And the build begins now! Here's my little 1.0 2000 S Bought it at 42,000 miles and there's hardly any corrosion! Since owning this little beaut I've done a few odd bits about it to spruce up 18...