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  1. drand

    Advice for PU Bushings!

    Hi Try Good luck with the build Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  2. drand

    Rover mani

    As a crass generalisation 4-1 gives more top end power, 4-2-1 gives more mid range torque, assuming lengths of primaries and secondaries are correct. Both better than stock though! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  3. drand

    Engine Highs, Gearbox Lows

    If you want power then the most sensible route is stick the 1.3 engine in. Not that you can't tune the 1.0 but by putting the bigger engine in you get a free (nominal) 20bhp and much more headroom if you want to turbo. If you're going to the trouble of swapping engines then mating the gearbox...
  4. drand

    Exhaust studs and nuts

    M10 x 1.25 (metric fine) I think mate, about an inch and a half long. Might want to check elsewhere just in case I've remembered that wrong. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Micra Sports Club mobile app
  5. drand

    Anyone help find me the correct paint?

    Looks better covered in mud fella [emoji106]
  6. drand

    Targa rallies

    Hi a quick question of those who have done them... what to expect from a targa rally. I am planning on entering the Chelmsford Javalin Jumbo targa as a navigator. I've done plenty of twelve-car rallies with my driver, and he's driven some single-venue stuff with someone else in the hot seat but...
  7. drand

    Accelerator cable removal from throttle body

    From memory, mark the positions of the adjuster nuts on the barrel next to the throttle body, loosen them, pull up slack in the cable to allow you to rotate the stopper piece at the very end of the cable then slide it sideways out of the quarter-circle guide. Assembly is reverse of removal. The...
  8. drand

    Oh no! Another kangarooing K11 thread

    Cheers fuzzy. I checked vacuum leaks and couldn't see anything obvious. Garage reckons maf, but are wary of replacing it since I've already changed the original for a second hand one and not had any improvement. There's s Nissan specialist staffed by ex-main dealer types down the road so I might...
  9. drand

    Oh no! Another kangarooing K11 thread

    Hi I've been away from the forum for ages what with life being on the way but I've still got my 96 P 1.3 K11. A couple of weeks ago she refused to start entirely so I had the ride of shame on the breakdown truck back home. Diagnostic flashed up crank angle sensor fault, so i rebuilt the...
  10. drand

    Oil Catch Tank

    I'm getting deja vu... I have no opinion to push either way but to be fair to Frank I think context is provided by the link he posted to the recent discussion.
  11. drand

    Any musicians about here?

    Good call. I'll start practising my high a.
  12. drand

    Breaking Moomin... :(

    Not good. I'd have the wheels if I were not so far away..
  13. drand

    Any musicians about here?

    I'm pretty good on the triangle if I do say so myself. My missus plays woodwind and pretty much anything else too.
  14. drand

    airbag bypass resister

    There was a thread on this recently, I recall. I've heard 2.3 Ohms more than once, and a spread of 2.2 to 2.6 seems to be common. You can pick up a selection for pennies at Maplin or similar.
  15. drand

    Any motogp fans?

    I usually go to Silverstone, went to Assen last year, but haven't really had the time to do it this season. I don't get to see highlights much either now they're on BT and the beeb have completely lost all interest.
  16. drand

    Engine swap?

    The usual specialist brokers; flux, sky, a-plan, prestige etc.
  17. drand

    Heat shields

    This happens a lot, they get loose and rattle so people remove them (front ones) without any ill effects.
  18. drand

    I made my dci the babbi

    Bluefin-type plug-in map I'm guessing.
  19. drand

    My tyres have changed size !

    Glad you got it sorted. I'd avoid that place in future!
  20. drand

    What's this pipe for

    turn a hospipe on the car and see if it is a drain! Can't think what else it would be.