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    Immobiliser p1611

    Hi My daughters Micra with the keyless ignition has developed a fault. It had been parked up for about 3 months without turning a wheel or being started. Battery was totally flat so I charged battery up and checked it, battery was fine. Key fob opens car on button. The green KEY light flashes up...
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    Power steering and NATS

    Ive recently sourced a power steering column with motor and key to replace the faulty one on my daughters. I know I need it reprogramming but is there a way round this? What if I got the ecu from donor car also or is there something else I would need? Where is immoboliser or is that part of ecu?
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    Power steering motor

    Anyone got instructions on how to change power steering motor and steering wheel removal. Thanks
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    Engine management light and PS light

    Hi I've just bought my daughter a 2004 micra 1.0 e. It seems to run fine apart from a couple of issues. First is PS light is on and car has no power steering, can I get a steering motor from another car fit it and have code reset, or is it not that simple. Secondly engine management light is on...