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  1. Welsh_Monty

    Performance parts, 2019

    Evening all so I am almost done with the bodywork on my k10. I was wondering if there is any companies or people around who sell manifolds, exhaust systems etc for the little 1.0? #thanks in advance Monty
  2. Welsh_Monty

    k10 4 speed g/box needed, Wales

    evening all I'm looking for a 4 speed gearbox for my k10, in Wales (Carmarthen) or as near to me as possible please thanks all Monty
  3. Welsh_Monty

    road rally car suspension choices

    Evening all after just doing the gremlin road rally (as a nav, 28th OA and 7th in class in a Suzuki baleno) I'm almost getting there with my 1.4 road rally car. For front suspension ive tried corsa b coilovers but found them too low even on the highest setting, so what have you guys used or...
  4. Welsh_Monty

    1.0 vs 1.4 gear ratios

    hey guys, has anyone got a graph showing the 1.0 k11 and the 1.4 k11 gear ratios? ive searched and searched but cant find any??? thaaaaaanks
  5. Welsh_Monty

    1.0 ratios vs 1.4 (road rally car)

    evening all I'm back with another micra, but this time shes a 1400cc, anyways I'm building up a well spec'd road rally car (again) but id like some advice on the gearbox ratios, ive always seen people change the 1.3 box for a 1.0, but in reality is this going to make a difference? any advice...