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  1. Rexholme

    Make shift fly-off handbrake?

    Hi all, Has anyone used a “spin turn knob” aka “drift-button” on their K11? K11s are not drift machine material, so assume not, but thought I would ask. Which other temporary / reversible solutions have people used to create fly-off handbrakes on their cars for solos, autotests, targa etc...
  2. Rexholme

    Motorsport UK LIST 1A tyres of choice for autosolo?

    Hi I'm new to k11 ownership and club level motorsport (recently joined FDMC). I appreciate that when competing in autosolos, people bring spare wheels with tyres to trash. But I need to change the all tyres on my car anyway for road worthiness/MOT; I'll keep they old ones for sticking on the...
  3. Rexholme

    Hello: new member

    Hello. I'm new and just bought my first K11 on Sunday - this is not your average mid-life crisis. I believe she's a pre-facelift, 1996,1275cc 16v and seems pretty rust-free 🤞. I bought my K11 from an old boy in London whose wife sadly passed away; it was her pride and joy. She was the second...