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  1. akbar


    just bought these wheels so will be selling my original set with excellent tyres 165 14s pm me if you guys want 2003 k11e
  2. akbar

    after market rev counter

    fitted and fully working now after many weeks of looking the blue black wire
  3. akbar


    does anyone know how to wire up after market rev counter k11e please been looking for blue black wire but its not in my wiring loom at the back of cluster
  4. akbar

    k11 clocks with rev counter forsale

    this will fit older shape only not k11e as bought in error thinking will fit i only want back the money paid 48.00
  5. akbar

    auto gearbox oil change k11

    how often to change gearbox oil on my k11 its done 33k now 03 last of old shape
  6. akbar

    autobox oil change

    how often need change oil on auto gearbox ive got k11e last of old shape 2003 done 33k