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  1. Suze

    Fuel / mileage

    Now, I am sure some will laugh for this topic, but to give you the background.... My car is a 94 K11 [1275cc]. It is a rally car and, having been "a little used and abused" on some [very rough] events the fuel gauge cannot really be relied on. Now as some of the events I do are Endurances I...
  2. Suze

    2011 Micra K11 1300 Challenge

    Saw this on another forum: Now running 7 Hankook Welsh National Forest Events. Wyedean, Bulldog, Plains, Severn Valley, Swansea Bay, Woodpecker, Cambrian. Supported by Humphris of Oxford, Questmead, TRS, Corbeau, Morris Lubricants & Good prize fund - Group...
  3. Suze

    1.3 Stage / Road Rally Micra [was Enduro Rally Car]

    As I've mentioned before in my other thread [and Superuno / Matt, aka my fiance, has also mentioned in places], I have a 1.0 Nissan Micra. It was originally bought to do The Preston, a very rough event, but having survived relatively intact I have decided to build it into an Enduro Car...
  4. Suze

    Cheap K11 3 door Micra wanted, needs tax / MOT till end Dec - cash waiting

    As above, 3 door K11 Micra wanted, pref 1.3 but 1.0 ok - within M25 area if possible. Not worried about dents / scrapes / scratches / rust bubbles etc - just needs to be taxed and MOTed til the end of December and running.
  5. Suze

    Micra spotting

    Just back from a week in Ibiza and spotted quite a few - but why did they all have their front number plates bent?! All were white bar one.....
  6. Suze

    1.3 K11s

    Now don't laugh, but, I'm slightly unclear as to the differences between the 1.3 16v versions. I've currently got a Super S which I'm very happy with, but might be looking for another car in the near future :k11motors So, I know there is the GX, LX, Super S [not sure of others] but what are...
  7. Suze

    Front engine mount

    Anybody recommend a supplier and how much am I looking at spending here.....?? Would rather get a new one then a second hand one but if cost is high will have to be the cheaper option. I couldn't find anything on buypartsby or expressautosparts or whatever it's called that have used before. A...
  8. Suze

    Tyres - 175/60/R13

    If anybody has any of the below [pref 4 tyres] with a reasonable amount of tread left, don't have to be as new, please let me know. Am willing to collect within an hour of J31 M25 or can look at postage costs. Thanks. AVON • ACB 10 Sport • CR6ZZ (Including Sport) • Turbospeed CR28...
  9. Suze

    Cold starting

    My car really isn't liking starting in the cold in the morning - even putting on some revs when starting was no good this morning and it took four attempts..... Anything I can do?
  10. Suze


    Car got a chip in the windscreen this morning which has now turned into a small crack :( First quote was £ got it down by a couple of £hundred, but guy who said he could come tomorrow now can't grr Is it a relatively easy job to get one from a scrappy and change it myself or is it...
  11. Suze

    K11 94 model shock absorbers

    Anybody got any recommendations for front shock absorbers? I know I can get very cheap [comparatively] to very expensive and I know there are loads of parts out there but am really interested in hearing people's suggestions please from experience as think it's better than just going for cheap or...
  12. Suze

    Where to find colour of car?

    Where on the car does it state what colour it is? Need a little touch-up paint....
  13. Suze

    Suze's Micra - competing in club motorsport.....

    I've got a 94 K11 model, originally bought in July 06 as a runaround but since 2007 been my daily driver and competed in club level motorsport too. Good car for the events I'm doing and may look at getting another in the next year or so in same spec, either as a replacement or as an addition...
  14. Suze

    removing trim 93 K11 model

    A friend of mine was driving the car at the weekend and managed to find a tree......the scratches I hope will t-cut out but there is a reasonable dent in the o/side rear quarter panel. We've had a look at the Haynes manual which isn't too clear / helpful on how to remove the trim. Does...