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    Strange Cooling System Problem, K11 1.0

    Hi I'm new here and was hoping someone could give me some advice regarding a cooling problem I have. OK, so took the car on a 30 mile round trip Thurs, as I was coming back, noticed the Temp Gauge wasn't working, so got home, opened bonnet, Top hose hot, bottom hose cold; Right me thinks, New...
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    Intermittent Whine at Speed/ Sporadic loss of power

    Hi folks I've just signed up to see if anyone could possibly help with the above problems, Please. I run my K11 1.0, ( V reg I think, '99 ? ) down the motorway a couple of times a week, and I have to be honest, I do tend to Thrash it more than I should, (Smacked Wrist !!), anyway, it's...