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  1. babyboom

    K11 Convertible

    day to day about the town theyre great, i have an auto one and its almost as nippy as the manual the roofs tear at the corner by the back window (pic) which is common and can sometimes leak from where it joins the windsrcreen, this can be fixed which i've done im insured with...
  2. babyboom

    nissan march cabriolet for sale

    or buy mine at much less a price and custom it yourself
  3. babyboom

    March for sale

    nex theres no other person than you that i want to give the car to, if i win the lotto before i sell it i'll drive it to your door personally and give you the key
  4. babyboom

    just joined up so what do i get for my membership?

    a good old round of applause, well done there fella
  5. babyboom

    March for sale

    no sale £1800 anyone? i'd rather it stayed in the club
  6. babyboom


    i stay in greenock and work down in ferniegair (beside hamilton)
  7. babyboom


    plain and simple sills for the K11, i bought these and my mum wants me to get rid of them as i dont have the micra anymore, all brand new and still in the bubblewrap, they look like these (as if you didn't know) -...
  8. babyboom

    March for sale

    it had to come to this sorry nex
  9. babyboom

    March for sale

    ok folks, i aint heard any news on this spectacular car anywhere i advertised it, im gonna be putting it on ebay over the next few days nex, i'll post the ebay item number for you to keep an eye on, just incase you do happen to come across the cash over the next few days
  10. babyboom

    March for sale

    yeah they flip forward and the base also moves forward too, then the base moves back to where is was but you have to adjust the back of the seat again, and yeah they are quite a bit comfier than our UK micra seats ;) as much as i want to see you with the car i can't accept instalments, i...
  11. babyboom

    March for sale

    still for sale folks
  12. babyboom

    March convertibles...

    quick everyone chip in and buy my march for nex, i'll even throw in an magic tree of his choice
  13. babyboom

    March for sale

    did i mention it has new floor mats and a full tank of petrol (damn high prices)
  14. babyboom

    March for sale

    unfortunately i have my march for sale (keep with me i might be able to get my hands on febuary too) you all know the car and its a '97 1.3 auto march and comes with electric roof, 4 electric windows, air con, driver and passanger airbags, cup holders, electric mirrors, ABS (no rear discs...
  15. babyboom Hyundai Makes First 'Supercar'

    in saying that, i had a 2l hyundai coupe auto for a few months and i was well impressed compared to the hyundai accent i had, if it didn't need so much work i would have kept it
  16. babyboom

    my new toy

    this is the first pic of my new baby, a '94 honda crx del sol i picked it up yesterday for £500, it has slight damage and needs a new bumper, drivers wing, headlight and foglight, but the major problem is that it has no keys, other than that its a great machine, its the VXI model and its all...
  17. babyboom

    Various K11 Upgrades

  18. babyboom

    Info on 1997 Micra Shape??

    that was my first micra, but no they dont have it
  19. babyboom

    Handbrake not working properly for turns..?

    i done this in the works car park in my cavalier, the last time i done it i came in too fast and the carpark is covered in type 1 gravel, well i just slid along sideways and hit the fence, knocking down 6 heras fencing panels, rofl, it was great fun
  20. babyboom

    micra 1.3 convertable

    well for the insurance, im 28, clean license, no no claims bonus and 3 crashes (2 of which are write offs) and im paying £1600 for fully comp