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  1. Tom 1.0


    turbo, manifold, pipes and everything but management and intercooler. all working as was supposed to go on my old car. PM me with offers, i will consider sensible ones. Thanks, Tom
  2. Tom 1.0

    k11 Facelift Chrome/Silver Grill £30 inc P&P

    Pair of K11 front grills for £30 inc P&P Great base for modding or replacement. Will consider any offers. Tom
  3. Tom 1.0

    K11 spolier AJ4 Red £35 inc P&P

    perfect condition Red AJ4 K11 spolier, nice cosmetic touch to any car, pics on request :) Will consider any offers Tom
  4. Tom 1.0

    Nismo shocks and springs does anybody know if these are meant to be any good? I know they are uprated shocks and sprimgs but are they shortened shocks and lowering springs? If anybody can help in any way i would really appreciate it, looking at you...
  5. Tom 1.0

    Pulsar seats front seats...

    Will these fit in a facelift micra? or will i need to do alot of welding to fit them? anybody know? thanks guys Tom
  6. Tom 1.0

    Replica Nismo Splitter for k11 RARE

    £50 posted need a quick sale, it is one of the replicas produced by MPH never fitted to any cars so it perfect condition PM me or post here, thanks, Tom
  7. Tom 1.0

    Nismo splitter replica £90

    replica nismo splitter you all know what they look like, made of fibreglass, really high quality, its an MPH copy. £90 posted offers? Tom
  8. Tom 1.0

    CG13DE Only 49k FS

    looking for about 100 quid? cg13de k11 engine, with only 49k though please feel free to make sensible offers, collection from East yorkshire YO16 6UU could arrange courier for you at your own expense,will do the engine and postage for £150. thanks please buy it!
  9. Tom 1.0

    anything you want

    Nismo splitter ( replica ) £90 posted bump
  10. Tom 1.0

    Bye for now chaps....

    Removed, dont want anybody who shouldnt to see original post.
  11. Tom 1.0

    OE Standard Springs

    Ideal for replacement or modifications (at buyers own risk of course...) great condition, no damage or rust. Looking for £35 posted or make me an offer after a quick sale, Tom
  12. Tom 1.0

    2nd facelift rear lights with bulb holders

    fully working rear lights, these are the ones withOUT the orange bit, xso are a nice subtle mod check my blog for pics or any k11 facelift facelift (Y) come with all working bulbs and holders and are plug and go. in perfect working condition, looking for £20 posted OR make me an...
  13. Tom 1.0

    Rails and Subframes

    can the rails be removed from the seat subframes, without rendering the slidy rail bit useless? so can i remove the seat and slidy bit but leave the subframe still? i dont have my car with me and need a quick reply! thank you, tom
  14. Tom 1.0

    Corolla AE86 seat brackets - URGENT

    are these a direct fit for bucket seats into the micra? somebody says they are with a bit of work, and that a lot fo guys do it in japland, no offense to him, but just want a few more opinions, i have found some but just want to be sure they will fit before i buy them, thanks Tom
  15. Tom 1.0

    Cobra Bucket frames

    anybody have some? thanks, Tom
  16. Tom 1.0

    "old" Jackass

    does anybody remember how funny they actually were? found a load of old tapes and am watcing it now. so much better than the newer ones.
  17. Tom 1.0

    Cobra Seats - Repair?

    my stupid little bro just decided to pick at a tear in one of the bucket seats i was planning on fitting tomorrow, and has split the seam down by about 6" does anybody have any ideas on how to repair them? was thinking of gettiing like a wet suit repair kit or something? would really...
  18. Tom 1.0

    Almera/Primera/200sx or other Cats

    would any of these fit? am planning on getting a high performance cat for the micra so i can take out the primary one and install this without affecting the flow too badly, does anybody know if any of the above will fit the micra? ( Frank? lol ) thanks, Tom
  19. Tom 1.0

    JDM LED Lights

    hey guys, got my jdm led lights, think they are the ones from the super march, they are the same as the ones modded and jimbling had. i wiried them up in the vain hope they would be plug and play... surprise surprise they werent lol so does anybody have any advice or know what i need to...
  20. Tom 1.0

    Standard Back box with trim

    looks great, no rust. "calsonic" branded nissan standard back box, in great condition with a high quality bolt on silver trim, for pics feel free to ask or have a look in my blog :) looking for £40 posted or offer! Need a quick sale, Tom