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    would rover 100 alloys fit k11?

    Just being offered a full set of rover 100 13" alloys with perfect tires for an amazing price but im unsure wether or not they will fit. Please help..John :k11yellow Lets gooo!!!!!!!!
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    600cc motorbike exhaust on a 1996 vibe

    wondering wether or not to slot a suzuki 600cc motorbike exhaust under my 1996 micra vibe 1.0. I have a k&n fitted to it already, just wondered wether or not it would be worth doing?
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    Need ideas for customising my micra k11

    Ive recently brought a micra k11 vibe in gold for my first car. As a full time student i dont have much money to spend customising it but have access to my grandads engineering business which i am able to use materials and machinery free of charge. Need ideas on how i can customise my car...