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  1. pork

    Performance cams

    Probably a long shot on here........any performance cams going about? Don't really wanna pay over £300 for a new set [emoji46] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. pork

    Corsa piston build with throttle bodies

    'Sup! Haven't got a car yet, but starting this thread to help with the engine stuff before I source the right car Gunna build a cg13de high comp engine as a side project to the micra/supercharger/mini (can't always get to mates garage, and bored at home) So picked up a auto block 1.3 today...
  3. pork

    Wanted cg13de engine for new super cool mega project n stuff

    As title says, want a new project, cant keep away from the micra lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. pork

    Quick coil plug wuestion

    Can someone confirm which wire is what? Using my own ecu and loom, and having a couple of issues, so just checking my wiring Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. pork

    K11 clocks into a mini

    Got a mini that I've put a supercharged cg13de in. The mini was basically a shell, no clocks gauges, nothing so in making my own loom for everything, I've got a standalone ecu as well So thought about using a set of super s clocks/gauges, what I need to know is would all the gauges work...
  6. pork

    Cg10 pre f/l speedo cable/gearbox drive

    As title says Cg10 pre f/l speedo cable/gearbox drive thingamajig Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. pork

    Porks poopercharger project

    Got a new project, not a micra, but I do enjoy this place so thought I'd share it. Putting the engine from the old k10 into an old mini :) Joint effort between me and my mate Dan, he has a garage lol Car will be built on the odd weekend we get together and drink beer Here's the car from...
  8. pork

    Standalone ecu/stripping out old shiz

    I'm putting in my own ecu and loom, what I need to know is what I can strio out of the car that ain't needed anymore....but I still want all the car functions So...what can I remove and what do I keep Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. pork

    Other car manufacturers wheels that look cool

    If there's all ready a thread, direct me to it If not, any pics about of othe manufacturers wheels that fit and look cool? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. pork

    Porks supercharged k11 project

    Had a couple of k10's in the past, great fun, but thought I'd give a k11 a go this time :) Picked up this beauty..... (which il convert) £100 with years mot Plan is to use stuff from old k10 that's lying about Starlet mani with top feed 330cc Audi injectors Polo coillies...
  11. pork

    Considering a k11

    Going to look at a k11 tomorrow (can't find a cheap k10 anywhere ) It's only 150, has a misfire, but that don't bother me as I have my engine sitting around Just want to know what things to look out for bodywork wise Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. pork

    Universal air ride bags

    Posting here, coz k10 section is ignored Been thinking about making my own air ride kit I run a air compressor company, so have a wide range of pneumatic fittings/tanks/valves etc The thing that's tripping me up is the struts. Seen the universal bags on eBay, anyone used then? Is it just a...
  13. pork

    Variable length inlet runners

    Was watching wheeler dealers other day, saw a Porsche 993 come up. Had variable length inlet runners, long at low rpm...shortened at high rpm It wasn't 2 sets of runners with a valve between the two, the trumpets actually shortened, via a vacuum piston. If something could be constructed...
  14. pork

    Wanted: 4 door k10

    As title, want 4 door k10 Want a clean straight body, not worried about engine Located in Luton, but can travel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. pork

    K10 upgrade stuffs

    Polo coillies modded to fit £100 K11 brake upgrade £90 Stainless cherry bomb £30
  16. pork

    Diy roll cage

    What diameter pipe would you need? Can you bend it with hand benders? Anything else ? This is jus a 1/2 cage idea
  17. pork

    Supercharger and turbo stuff

    Right, don't really wanna but gotta put house first.....for sale.... Turbo (tdo4, good condition) My top mount turbo mani M24 supercharger with mount for cg13 Preface lift grille Anything of my preface lift car 4x frank flipped steels with good tyres Other stuff too Il slap some pics up later...
  18. pork

    Deep dishy wheels, swap for my frank steels

    Fancy some different wheels Anyone wanna swap some deep dishy wheels for my frank steels. Decent condition, all tyres are good
  19. pork

    Charge coolers

    Are they worth it? I guess you get less lag, what other pros/cons are there
  20. pork


    I'm getting a bit bored of my 'safe'map, And yes, a pro should be employed. But that aside, what's people using? Around the 0.5bar area