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  1. sammyboi

    Pulsar Centre Caps

    Hey peeps, A long shot i know, but I'm trying to source some centre caps for my pulsar alloy wheels, i got one off ebay so still need 3 more. And if anyone on here has a pulsar/is pat of the pulsar forum, if you could ask on there is appreciate it. (I joined up but couldn't post in wanted...
  2. sammyboi

    March G# Badges

    Hey peeps, Can't seem to find any March G# badges anywhere, can anyone point me in the right direction? Mine were taken off a while ago but I would like to put them back on there if I can source some. Thanks
  3. sammyboi

    March G#

    Hey peeps, Im back and im the proud new owner of this wonderful March G# :) From what i can see its been passed around from owner to owner and im proud to be the new owner of such a rare gem! Picked it up the other day from Harlow, Essex for an amazing price of £400! No real plans at the...
  4. sammyboi

    Stolen k10 in Essex

    Hey all, Haven't been on here since i broke and sold my micra, but thought id just let everyone know that my parents k10 was stolen last night and found burnt out by police this morning. Its a shame as it was a unique micra with factory bodykit and front grill fogs as standard. My dad was in...
  5. sammyboi

    What to look for/check when buying a micra?

    Hey all, Its been a long time since I've been on here as i sold my micra for parts a few years ago. But now my sister passed her test a week ago now and she is looking at getting a K11 for her first car. Just a pre facelift 1.0l to keep within her budget. Im going with her and the parents to...
  6. sammyboi

    k11 bits

    Hey all, Been away from here for a while but ive found a few bits and bobs that i no longer need, so here they are: E-Tech Strut Brace £45 posted Panhard Rod £40 posted Janspeed Cat Back system, used for a year £105 posted PM me if your interested!
  7. sammyboi

    Breaking car!! K11 goodies!!

    Had some interest in parts so decided to break it. Parts will be avaliable in a few weeks as looking for a replacement now! Feel free to PM me, or reply on here if you want anything.... ..Janspeed cat back competition exhaust £80 ..Non-Branded Sports Steering wheel + Boss (Blue/black) £35...
  8. sammyboi

    (WIP) Wide White Micra

    Ok, so you need to bear in mind that this is still a work in progress, bodywork needs some TLC, mainly from the badger hit months ago. So here the spec: Nissan Micra 1.3 Super S ..4-2-1 Janspeed Mani ..Janspeed cat back competition exhaust ..Raceworx Short Shifter ..Bilstein Shocks &...
  9. sammyboi

    Breaking turbo kit, how much for each? HELP!

    Ok, so im not having much luck selling the turbo kit, and tbh i just want to get rid of it as im no longer going to be turbo'ing my micra! The kit consists of: -Genuine HKS manifold for turbo CG13DE -T2 turbo (reconned) -GA16 fuel rail -Front mounted intercooler -All associated piping...
  10. sammyboi

    Few K11 bits...

    All prices DO NOT include any postage costs! Collections from Braintree, Essex avaliable! .Numberplate Nipples - £30 .Electric Wing Mirrors (with switch + a wiring diagram) - £70 .Raceworx Short Shifter - £40 .Nismo Gear Knob - £25 .Whiteline ARB's Front + Rear (unsure if i still have...
  11. sammyboi

    HELP! 70mph badger hit...not good!

    Right, so i was on my way home from my girlfriends house and i was driving round our bypass, had a choice to either hit the badger that ran out in front of me, or swerve in the wet and possibly hit the on-coming lorry! So i chose the badger, and now my car looks like this: Can anyone...
  12. sammyboi

    Electric Wing Mirrors....(wiring)

    Ive aquired some of these from japan, the guy included a wiring diagram of where they all go, just wondering if its a straight wire to wire job? Or should there be a relay somewhere? Thanks, Sam.
  13. sammyboi

    k11 standard mani/cat/front pipe (essex area)

    Looking to buy/borrow/rent a standard mani/cat/front pipe. For a pre facelift micra, don't know if they are different on the facelift?! Prefer someone local to essex as ill need to collect asap! Thanks.
  14. sammyboi

    front cross member?

    Does this bolt on/off? If so, where is best place to buy one? Thanks, Sam.
  15. sammyboi

    F/s: Advanti cams

    Gauging interest on these. They are made from what looks like tufftrided steel (uniformed gray colour) the markings are IN.085.248s EX.084.238s They are for the CG13DE and CG10DE. I never fitted them myself, but i read somewhere that these will bring power band up to between...
  16. sammyboi

    k10 1.0l engine, dave walker, ebay

    Found this, might be of interest to someone:
  17. sammyboi

    F/S: 14" Mazda MX-5 Alloys

    Mazda MX-5 Alloy Wheels. (14x6J) Tyrs all have 2-3mm tread left, 185/60 R14. Looking for £50, collected from braintree, essex. Pics:
  18. sammyboi

    F/S: K11 turbo kit.

    Unfortunately im going to have to sell this, only bought it a month ago from antony, but its got to go as plans have changed. The kit consists of... -T2 turbo (almost new) -GA16 fuel rail -Front mounted intercooler and all associated piping and connectors -Silicone water lines and t pipes...
  19. sammyboi

    Wheel Nut Size

    Ok, ive tried searching and i had a look in the haynes, but have had no luck at all finding the size of the wheel nuts. Unless i was looking in the wrong place. Anyway, want to change my wheel nuts, but dont know the size... Anyone know??
  20. sammyboi

    k11 bigger brakes!

    Im going to be needing some bigger brakes for plans going ahead soon! Anyone got any going spare? Just calipers will be fine, aslong as they are in good working order! Sam.