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    Computer/display above the head unit

    Can somene wifes k12 had a small compartment above the head unit. I bought a clock/computer display and fitted it. Wifes micra had a small connector but does not fit the computer connection. Is there more than one type of connector?, would it just not fit and have the connector...
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    K12 Radio Codes

    Works perfect many thanks. Joined this forum 15 mins ago. Asked for a code. Within 10 mins i get a reply. Tried the code and my head unit works perfect. Love this site!
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    K12 Radio Codes

    Will give it a go thanks in advance
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    K12 Radio Codes

    Hi new to this. Bought my wife a k12......and its growing on it!. The radio needs a code can anyone help with a code?, my serial number is BP 5384 6 41 80620 thanks in advance.