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  1. _sh!t_box_micra_

    MA10et swap.

    I have the ECU and loom off of a figaro to here, I will eventually have the engine I just need to know where by in the ecu I need to splice to the switch earth and power from my key barrel, I’be been told there’s a plug in the centre of the loom running by the firewall which comes from the wiper...
  2. _sh!t_box_micra_

    K10 heater radiator

    Hi, since buying the car I’ve had a new (second hand) heater radiator waiting to go onto the car as the tube on the left has snapped in the firewall. Can someone help me as to how I get the old one out? I’ve taken all the push rods off and all the cables I’m guessing I need to take the whole...
  3. _sh!t_box_micra_

    Bike carbs

    Does anyone know where I can get a intake manifold for a ma10 from cbr600 carbs? I’ve tried DanST Engineering and bogg brothers and they both just make some for K11 engines which I don’t think are the same engine.
  4. _sh!t_box_micra_

    Bike carbs

    Hi all, I’m thinking of fitting bike carbs to my 1.0l k10. All I need help with is what bike the best carbs come from and where I can get a hold of a manifold to fit them.