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    micra issues , update

    hi all, from my previous posts, most will know I bought a facelift micra ,prelaunch, it had lots of issues from day 1, they are listed in other posts, since my last post , I am leaving , I was advised Nissan was in breach of the distant selling act and sales of goods act. so heres an update...
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    am leaving , msc ,

    hi all , just saying bye bye , to all msc , who have helped me with advice , thank you very much . I have traded in "picking up new car next week" my 63 plate micra visia , I cant wait to get rid of this micra , its my 3rd new micra and in my opinion the worst car I have ever owned ...
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    need some advice ,

    I have a k13 facelift , 63 plate , I noticed at the weekend that the distance between the top of the tyre and the bottom of the wheel arch is visibly different . front to rear I can see the suspension strut on the front wheels but not the rear , the ride height , that's the distance from...
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    new facelift micra problems

    hi all , I picked up my new k13 facelift in sept , its a 1.2 visia, I bought this car pre launch so didn't test drive it , "FATAL MISTAKE" my thoughts so far are very poor, "i had a k12 1,5dci prior", the build quality is shocking , the rear seat covers are coming away , the drivers...
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    k13 facelift , alloys

    hi , all just picked up a , 1.2 facelift on fri , was wondering if anyone else has bought some alloys , other than nissans , if so do you know the pcd and offset . thanks
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    new facelift micra

    thinking of trading in my 09 1.5dci , for the new facelift model . Bristol st motors are offering it for £7,999. has anyone else seen this or had any thoughts on it
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    converting manual wing mirror to electric mirrors

    hi , as above is this possible . is the wiring harness already there just needing to hook up , I have seen 2 electric wing mirrors and and control switch on e bay . I know some car manufactuers have all the wiring there , just don't know if Nissan do . its a micra k12 thanks
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    key fob problems

    hi all , i have a 09 dci ,the key fob use to work over a hundred meters away , now i have to stand next to the car for it to work . i got my new unused spare to see if that would work , but it does the same as the old one , so i am ruleing out battery problems , any ideas thanks all
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    sat nav . aux input or cigarette lighter

    hi all i own a k12 . 09 plate. have used the search function but i cant find any answers. i basically wont to fit a sat nav and am wondering if i can power it from the aux input"wots it do" or the cigarette lighter"does this actually work"in my dads older micra it has no power to...
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    k12 steel wheel

    as above , my car has just been hit , and bent the rear steel wheel . i have submitted a claim to my insurance company , since the bumper has been damaged to , i have put on the space saver but would prefer a 15 " steel on . its a 2009 k12 . could be 3 weeks till the insurance gets sorted and i...
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    newbie saying hi,

    just a short thread to say hi , bought a 09 ,visia 1.5 dci ,in march , red in colour , really happy with new car , excellent economy , cheap ins , tax etc , but u all know that anyway, got no probs at mo ,hope to get advice from u all if needed, thanks and happy motoring