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  1. David B Gregory

    Finally Found my N-Tec

    After weeks and weeks of searching, I've finally found an N-Tec in my favourite colour, right condition, and right mileage. I collect it on Saturday, and I can't wait :) 37K, and mint. FSH. Time to clear my garage out. My old Micra is just left on the drive. I think I'll take better care...
  2. David B Gregory

    K12 Side Skirts

    How do the K12 Micra side skirts attach? Do they just clip on somehow? On the underside of my sills there are what appear to be circular fastenings of some kind, and I'm assuming that's what they're for, but can't work out how they are used. is it easy? If so, I'll get some off Ebay and paint...
  3. David B Gregory

    Silicon Dash "polish"

    Seriously... why does anyone use this crap? Just been to look at an otherwise really nice Micra, but walked away because the dash has been utterly ruined by this slippery, evil ####! It does NOT come off... ever. The dash's lovely matt finish is never quite teh same again once that Satan's...
  4. David B Gregory

    Connect1 and rear view camera.

    Here's a question... As the Nissan Juke with the connect1 system has a rear view camera, could this be fitted to a Micra N-Tec? It's the same unit isn't it?
  5. David B Gregory

    Anyone got a K12 N-Tec?

    As title. I am thinking of buying one, and wondered what your opinions were. Any problems with the connect system or cruise control I need to be aware of? Thanks
  6. David B Gregory

    2010 K12 N-Tec Sat Nav

    Re: The Sat Nav unit in the Micra N-Tec: Can this be updated still? Loads of SD cards for sale on Ebay but they rarely specify whether it is for K12 or not.
  7. David B Gregory

    Confused by newer K12 Models

    My trusty old 2003 K12.. "Mighty Microbe" is dying. He's been a superb family friend, but alas, clutch issues, exhaust issues, and high mileage... and a slew of other non-vital faults are making it untenable to keep any longer :( Quite sad. He's been great. So... Basically, I don't like...
  8. David B Gregory

    P0037 OBDII code - Which sensor?

    I have a '03 1.0E showing this code. Am I right in assuming it has 2 02 sensors? One before, and one after the cat? If so, can anyone confirm which sensor this code relates to so I can go straight to the sensor in question without testing both? ...or have I got this totally wrong? Thanks