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    Nissan Micra IG-T100: timing chain or belt?

    Also to add, depending on the driving style, there might be the need to have oil changes in shorter periods. In order to preserve the chain. At least in a K12 CR12DE.
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    K14 IG-T 100 (2019) Cold start issue

    Hi, Anyone with a K14 IG-T 100, stalling after a cold start? Car starts, rpms drop and then the oil pressure light appears. Car starts only pressing the accelerator pedal. ECU SW updates at the dealer are not solving the issue. Thanks in advance
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    K14: small doubt

    Yes :). also noticed that. Thats the belt that is always connected and theoricaly doesn.t touch the plastic. Anyway some other brands put the protection in both sides
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    Headlight Condensation

    Hi, i have slight condensation only at the front lights of a K14. I would report it under warranty, for the rear lights. Br.