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    Nissan Micra IG-T100: timing chain or belt?

    Just adding a point to this thread. For a chain to last the life of an engine, the engine must receive regular oil changes thru its life. The old micra engines were known to stretch and wear their chains by 70k miles if the oil wasnt changed regularly.
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    Noise/knocking on rough roads

    only rattle i got appeared to come from the front footwell near the pollen turned out to be the rear parcel shelf!!!.
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    Removing Interior Trim

    cant help with the bits you mention. However i have taken off the centre console and the orange bits just pull upwards and off and the rest unscrews or pops off.
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    Revs only going to 1800 rpm

    i have the diesel, and not experienced the limited rev thing.... so keep on at the dealer to sort it. My dislike with the diesel is the engine shunting when the revs drop down to 1400 revs.... diesels are meant to pull strongly at low revs, mine needs to be revving at 2000 revs minimum to feel...
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    K14 Modifications

    I have the Diesel TEKNA Model. only mods i have done are the added bits of plastic on the valance and lower doors, and added the armrest in the centre console. i may consider a remap to smooth out and improve the low speed pull on the diesel.