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    K12 Shocks - Standard 160sr or Bilstein etc.

    Hi all Thinking to freshen up the shocks on the 160sr. Does anybody have any low mileage standard 160sr shocks, used BIlstein, Impul etc for sale? Also, interested in standard low mileage springs, possibly lowering springs. Thanks
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    160sr Stock wheel gap measurement?

    Been thinking about improving the handling on my 160sr. The only viable options I can see which would work well seeming I don't want adjustable coilovers, would be a decent used set of impul or Nismo shocks from Japan, or Bilstein B8 with some lowering springs. The latter is what I would prefer...
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    K12 160 standard exhaust

    Looking for a standard original 160sr exhaust in good condition. Centre pipe and backbox, if anyone has one, let me know, thanks.
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    K12 C+C Convertible exhaust fit onto 160sr ??????

    Hi My car is in need of a new exhaust, and I want a standard replacement, I am not open to a stainless exhaust for this car as I am now an old git. I have seen this question asked but not answered definitively. Will the exhaust from the C+C fit a K12 160sr? From what I can tell, despite...
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    160sr Serpentine drive belt

    Hi all First Post on here, picked up an 06 (Sport SR) 160SR about 2 months ago, and have been slowly doing a few small jobs that need doing. The Serpentine belt needs replaced. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or a guide on how to carry this out? I'm not new to doing a bit of work on cars...