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  1. HaidhurK11

    Can I put 1st facelift front emblem onto my 2nd facelift micra?

    Hi all, just wondering if it's possible to put the 1st facelift front badge into my 2nd facelift micra k11 as I prefer the smaller badge size of the 1st facelift in comparison with the 2nd facelift Any help is appreciated Thanks!
  2. HaidhurK11

    How to wire parcel shelf speakers to 4 prong connector?

    Hi All, I've been given a parcel shelf that already has speakers on it from a friend that was scrapping his old micra. But the thing is that the speakers are aftermarket and not the original nissan ones. So it's not plug and play. I do have that 4 prong connector by the right side taillight but...
  3. HaidhurK11

    Which Castrol oil shall I get.

    Hi All, just wondering which castrol oil shall I get for my micra K11 (1.0L) 62K miles. Both are 10W 40. But I don't know which one is better. The GTX one is only £14 on amazon whereas the Magnatec one is £18. I provided the pics of both. Any help is appreciated Thanks :D
  4. HaidhurK11

    Canister missing a hose? Micra K11

    Hi All, I was putting in a induction kit yesterday for my micra and noticed that a connector on the canister had nothing connected to it. And I was wondering if it's suppose to be like that or if a hose is suppose to be connected to something. I have done nothing to the canister it was like that...
  5. HaidhurK11

    Stiff gear changes - hard to change gear

    Hi all, I've been having this problem with my 2000 1.0L Micra S as it's gear changes are really stiff and hard to change when driving and not. However 3rd and 4th aren't as stiff compared to 1st 2nd 5th and reverse which are really stiff. It's not that the car doesn't go in gear it's just that...
  6. HaidhurK11

    What type of power steering fluid to I need put on my K11?

    Hi, I'm having trouble to find what type of power steering fluid I need for my manual 2000 micra s (k11). It's because it's my first time changing power steering fluid, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. HaidhurK11

    How do you remove the taillights on micra k11 2000

    Hi people, does anyone know how to remove one of the taillights on a k11 2000, as it's my first car and I don't really know. The reason why I want to remove the taillight is because I need to tap into an reverse power wire to power up my parking sensors I'm trying to install. Any help is...