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    What psi?

    Would 10psi of boost be too much for stock internals? What boost would you recommend for a 1.3 It's on a TD04 turbo
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    Best injectors for turbo...

    Im needing to upgrade injectors as my turbo build is coming closer to being done... Its a stock cg13 engine with a td04 turbo off a Saab. Looking to hopefully get between 130 and 150bhp butnunsire what injectors to go with... Almera injectors are a pig to find... Especially the sidefeed type. I...
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    Poor idling.

    From about 50°c up to about 80°c my cg13 runs a bit rough very shake and revs drop quite low. Also has a flat spot on when revving but only for a moment. Any idea what this would be? I've changed the plugs it's had a full service. Etc etc it has a fusion fabrications inlet and a pod filter. And...
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    Vacuum lines?

    This may have been posted before but I can't find it. I need to know where all the vacuum lines go. All from the manifold, throttle body, block etc etc. Mine hasn't been plumbed in for a while and I don't know where they go as I'm fairly new to micra engines. Also got a non standard manifold...
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    NISTUNE CG13 1994?

    Ok got a CG13 engine in a mini. Has a custom inlet that increases flow and a good exhaust system. Eventually I would like to get it mapped because in the future ill probably turbo charge it. I've been told to no surprise that the ECU (Non NATS) would need to be rechipped first as it's a read...
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    1994 k11 1.3 micra

    Ok funny question. I'm putting a 1.3 micra engine in an old mini. I've got a new inlet manifold coming and am building an exhaust manifold. I just wanted to know what uprated injectors would fit a 1994 1.3 micra engine. I'm new to all this :P thanks