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  1. Soup1

    K11 multi use build😀

    First time posting about my own cars here, im starting a build to compete in different disciplines, hillclimb, rallysprints etc, goin to start off pretty standard and get out doin a few.bits and upgrade as i go along, it will be cg13 with lightened flywheel, 1l front pulley, 1l box, etc etc...
  2. Soup1

    Vauxhall engine swap

    Has anyone considered or looked into a small block vauxhall engine swap? 16v 1400 or 1600 from astra g etc, loads of tuning potential and a well proven unit, just got the idea and wondering was it done before
  3. Soup1

    Early k11?

    Does anyone know what number the serial number for the k11 started at? I'm after getting an early one and just want to check exactly how early, only have the stamped number with me for now, tia
  4. Soup1

    Engine swap

    Was just wondering what would be a good engine swap for a1l k11, max 1.4 l non turbo, does not have to be Nissan, open to suggestions, just weighing up options, tia👍