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    cvt warning light

    when i come to start up all lights light up then i start the car as soon as i put the car in drive the cvt warning light comes on the car runs ok but when i park the car at the local shops after i get back to the car it starts up no problem after about half a mile the cvt light comes on again...
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    dissconnected wire

    thanks a lot just found where it is bit of a sod to get to but can sort it now cheers and thanks
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    dissconnected wire

    just checked and found a dis connected wire black/with a yellow stripe under the battery towards the gear box looks like its broken from somewhere but i cant see where it fits its a automatic any one know where it fits its a thick cable i think it could be a earth wire but not to sure does any...
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    inhibitor switch

    is there anyone out there who has pics of the k11 auto box inhibitor or could point me in the correct way to adjusting it please i have a inhibitor fault that needs adjusting thanks cheers
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    inhibitor switch

    can any one tell how i adjust the inhibitor switch on face lift micra auto tried reading haynes but seems to throw me a bit i have ohmeter but not to good with it just need a few pointers cheers
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    what can i use to remove green mould off the car door bump strips cheers.
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    hand brake light

    my hand brake warning light comes when i start the car and does not go out i have tried adjusting it but it makes no difference any suggestions to what i could try next cheers
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    hand brake light

    was doing a bit of work iside the car and dropped box of sockets on to the handbrake since then the handbrake warning light stays on all the time how can i adjust it back to normal working,cheers
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    wiper linkage

    hi thanks a lot just sent for the parts should be able to see instead of driving with a crookied neck.cheers
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    is the automatic k12 any good or not, thinking off buying one what should look for ,cheers
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    wiper linkage

    my wiper linkage keeps falling off on the drivers side just struggled to put back on but i know that it will come off again my question is can i glue it on or try to get another one cheers
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    need a problem solved

    thanks have done one earth strap but got rained off but will go around all other earth straps then see how it goes the battery itself is fine checked out it and its showing 12.5 volts after standing overnite but when it starts up i now get orange engine check warning light but only till the...
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    need a problem solved

    micra k11 98reg cvt over the last few days a fault has developed after being parked up on the drive i come to start it and it struggles to start its as though the battery is really low it does this for a couple times then it finally starts and its ok till i try again after overnite park it...
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    hub caps

    has anyone got the measurement of the hub caps the ones in the centre of the wheels ijust might have found some that fit if i could get hold of the correct sizes these i have seen on ebay for caravans they look as if they will fit so any help out there please cheers. ps some times they are...
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    what size are the the front brake caliper mounting bracket bolts i have one seized anwil have to cut it off just want to know the size to replace it its the bolts that holds the caliper to the carrier,cheers
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    brush holder assembly

    got a new brush holder assembly nissan part no 30051-41b00 for micra automatic gearbox with shippping from japan £83 plus customs wanted another £25,apart from that brilliant service, 2days from japan 2weeks in customs then pay the duty and was here following day,the companies name is amayama...
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    mica auto box

    yes i checked it out did self diagnosis eveything ok car runs well but after about a mile the cvt comes on blinking at a steady 2second but as i say car runs perfect after i put new brushes in just wandering if it could be the micro switches ,i hope not i am no good with a multimeter cheers and...
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    mica auto box

    just fitted new brushes to the auto box car runs brilliant but have got ncvt light blinking about every second whats my problem please,cheers
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    roof trim

    hi used a wooden wedge in the middle of the trim worked a treat and to all for your helpful advice thanks cheers nudger.