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  1. Bobbina

    Boot sticker on K11 soft stop.

    Hi all. I have realised that a decal on my boot has been removed. It was an outline of a Micra and I think it had 'March' in it. I am quite upset it's been taken, TBH, and there was no way it would have fallen off. Does anyone know if I can get these printed? Sadly, I don't think I have any...
  2. Bobbina

    Found excellent suppliers and fitters of K11 hoods.

    Hi all. If you are in Ireland, try Danny at Car Hoods Ireland. He has a supplier who makes these to order. He's a really friendly, helpful chap. He gave me some great advice for a supplier in England, which is Car Hoods Northern...
  3. Bobbina

    Tech / Mechanics Auto electricians. Anti- hijack mechanism faulty.

    Hi Andy. Nice to hear from you. I have been quoted £1050 to replace my whole hood (new perspex window and full mohair hood. Does this seem reasonable? If you have any contacts that may be able to help me, that would be great. As requested, here are some pics of the old girl. She needs a good...
  4. Bobbina

    Info Aesthetics / Trim Reference

    Hi all. Can anyone recommend someone who can do me a new hood and fit a glass rear window? I have tried some places quite locally to me but they don't seem to be interested. I thought that this forum would be the best place to come to as you will probably have had first-hand experience of...
  5. Bobbina

    Tech / Mechanics Auto electricians. Anti- hijack mechanism faulty.

    Hi Andy. Yes, I am loving my little car and it's my only mode of transport now. The anti hijack now seems to have 'righted' itself (possibly reset) and works really well (so far!). Hope you are still enjoying yours in the sunny weather.:) I will have to start another thread as I need a new...
  6. Bobbina

    Tech / Mechanics Auto electricians. Anti- hijack mechanism faulty.

    Hi. My 1997 K11 Cabriolet had the anti-hijack facility and an after-market alarm fitted with RCL. The RCL was intermittent and annoying and I have just had the solenoid changed. The RCL works great but now the anti-hijack mechanism isn't working properly. The anti-hijack button is on the arm...
  7. Bobbina

    1997 Micra March Cabriolet: need driver's side ABS sensor.

    Hi. As above really. My ABS light is constantly on and a diagnostic reported that it was a fault with the driver's side ABS sensor. I want to keep the costs down so am happy to have a 2nd hand part. I've tried e-bay and some breakers yards and was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere I can get...
  8. Bobbina

    Selling our K11 Cabriolet

    Thanks Davyboy. I know you had your Cab so you may be able to help with this. Mine is a 1997 plate and still has the factory stereo in it. I wanted to keep it but I can't get radio 4 on it as it's the Japanese FM scale. Did you change your stereo? If so, can you remember what connector you used...
  9. Bobbina

    K11 cabriolet: Driver's side quarterlight window motor not working

    Hi all. I have a query and was wondering if there are any cabriolet technical experts on here that can help? If so, my query is as the thread title, above. I have bought this car. Does anyone know where I can get a motor for the...
  10. Bobbina

    Selling our K11 Cabriolet

    Hi. I am now the owner of this little gem. It is fab. I bought it from a couple in Cradley Heath last month. It is currently being waxoyled, has new front tyres, and some bodywork on a rusty rear arch. Some of the scratched interior trim is being sanded, primed and painted. I LOVE this little...
  11. Bobbina

    How many March Cabriolets are still out there?

    Hi Andy. Thanks for the lovely welcome to the site. If you look on 'Mutley's' post #18 on the above thread, he posted some of the car and the condition hasn't changed much. Maybe you can advise on something. I only have one alarm and remote central locking fob for the March. Do you know...
  12. Bobbina

    How many March Cabriolets are still out there?

    I just bought one today off ebay. This one, in fact. I think I am in love with it. :D
  13. Bobbina

    Nissan Micra March Cabriolet for sale!!

    Hi. I have just bought this car from someone who must have bought it from the above person. It's still in lovely condition for its age and I'm really looking forward to driving around in it. I will keep its original stereo and put in one of those cassette adapters for my MP3. The mileage is now...