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    1.3 cutting out and showing check engine light

    So if I’m driving along my car will cut out for a second not even that and flash the check engine light once not even enough for it to fully light up , however sometimes it will flash constantly and the car will stall and I will have to turn the key off for 30 sec then it will start fine , I was...
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    Engine knocking

    Random knocking sound started this morning on my 1.3 micra no idea what it could be , timing chain ? , big ends ?. Had a oil change not long ago and the oil levels are fine it was burning abit of oil but that seemed to stop just recently and then this knocking noise starting this morning I also...
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    Central locking ?

    I’ve got a 2000 micra no central locking if I get all of the bits from a central locking model will I be able to fit them straight into mine ? Excluding the wiring obvs. Has this been done ?
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    Ecu wiring diagram

    Probably been covered millions of times , will be running a speeduino soon for a turbo build need the standard ecu wiring for a 2000 dizzy type If anyone has it be much appreciated or know where u can find one thanks
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    Rear bumper movement ?

    Hi is it possible to move the rear bumper back like 10mm to clear tyres ?
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    K11 1.0 turbo.fuelling help!

    Hi so I’ve got a 2000 (not the coil pack )1.0 k11 I’m wanting more power so deciding turbo i was just gonna do a 1.3 swap but it’s common and I thought a 1l turbo isn’t as common , I’ve got a decent amount of mechanical knowledge so I’ll be Making it all my self manifolds ect , my main question...