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    FHK11 ABS Sensor

    Has anyone had good experiences buying parts from Japanese auction sites? I am trying to source an ABS sensor for my March Cabriolet and they seem to be rare as hen's teeth. I have found the part number on Russian sites but they are looking for £300 for it shipped to the UK I am hoping that as...
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    Info Show us your Cabriolets!

    First sunny day today since acquiring my Cab. So I few shots taken to show it off. Even a shot of the original road flare and the March cover supplied by Nissan when it was delivered as a prize to one of its employees in Japan. Interestingly, Nissan also gave another complete set of Alloy...
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    1997 Cabrio roof latch

    I have taken a couple of pics of the part I am trying to locate
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    1997 Cabrio roof latch

    Thank you for the warm welcome Andy5077. I will get a photo of my new acquisition and more specifically the roof latch, I am on a quest to source :D
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    MSC March FHK11 Cabriolet Section!

    I am a real 'newbie' to the MSC, having just acquired a March Cabrio this very week. It was great to find such a useful resource of Micra enthusiasts and that there are more Cabrio's out there in the UK. I have been fortunate to have been greeted so warmly by another Cab owner and I am sure if...
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    1997 Cabrio roof latch

    Hi All, I have recently been given a 1997 K11 Cabrio which was an import from Japan, from an elderly neighbour. The car seems in perfect condition as it has been garaged since import. The only problem I have found is the roof catch on the drivers side no longer has a hook to secure the roof...