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  1. chipedwood

    We're #1

    Not sure if this has ever been noted but if you type Micra into Google, we come up before Nissan official site. Also typing Micra K11 into images you get loads of modified Micras' and very few stock. So whoever wrote up all the tags for this site is better than the person who wrote the...
  2. chipedwood

    Strut Braces.

    This is just something that has been bugging me for a while. How come you can pay such different prices from strut braces? If I'm not mistaken it's just a bar that bolts to the suspension, so what's the difference between the expensive and the cheap? Is it just branding? Or is there...
  3. chipedwood

    Super S clocks not working.

    Okay so I got some Super S clocks to fit to my 98 Pre facelift. The speedo works fine. I have figured out that I need to run a blue wire from somewhere to my clocks to get the rev meter working. I don't understand where I need to run it from or where it needs to go to. Also I get no...
  4. chipedwood

    What you think of this?

    Now I'm not the best at photoshopping but I managed to give a general idea of wha tI am thinking of here: Basically since getting my rising sun cap I have really liked the red/white combo and I am thinking of brining it into the car a bit more like this: Also money is tight so cheap...
  5. chipedwood


    Rusty Advice? I have noticed something that makes me awful sad. Sorry about the poor quality. Any ideas how if this serious or not? Anything I can do about it?
  6. chipedwood

    Chipedwood Blog K11 1.0

    Had my Micra a while and now I plan to start doing more things to it! Mods so far: Meshed grille De-Bump stripped Induction Kit Blue HT Leads De-Stickered MSC sticker Speakers replaced, 6x9's in the shelf and a headunit In progress: Open meshed front bumper pop out windows in the rear, just...
  7. chipedwood

    Aprox costs for respray? Lowering?

    Two things I'm interested in doing. So around how much is a full respray, I'd like to know how much it costs for a complete recolour and for just a touch up respray. Also how much does it cost to lower a micra? And is it simple enough to do myself or will I have to give it to a mechanic...
  8. chipedwood

    We all love our micras

    So we do this:
  9. chipedwood

    Colouring Dashboard.

    Hey, I want to colour my dashboard like this one: I want to do it in white. I have checked halfords and they do not do a white spray, or are at least out of stock. I am right in thinking this has to be done with a special spray right? Anyone know where I can get it and what...
  10. chipedwood

    Will 100 NX Wheels fit a Micra?

    Title says it all really, K11 1998 Micra. Just wanted to know before I bought them. They are Nissan ones and going cheap. Thought It might look good.
  11. chipedwood

    How fast can a 1.0l go?

    Wasn't sure to do this in general or here. I have a stock K11, kept it that way because I'm 19 and insurance is expensive!! But I'm just wondering what is the best anyone has ever got out of a 1l by modifying but keeping it 1.0? What are the best things to do?
  12. chipedwood

    Grille Modifcation

    So, my first car, had it a while and I joined here when I had a problem making it move forward. Since then I have been inspired to do something like you people do with your cars. So I decided to mesh the grille, problem is, I'm not sure how to cut it out neatly, or how to attach the mesh to...
  13. chipedwood

    K11 none Starter

    I have been reading around these forums at similar problems to what i'm having but when comparing lots of different threads there always seems to be a few different answers. Anyway what was happening was for a week or 2 my car started to struggle to start. It would start to run for a few...