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  1. chipedwood

    Whining gearbox

    The 1.3 box will fit but is a different ratio to the 1.0. Best to get a 1.0 box if you can.
  2. chipedwood

    abandoned projects

    Well I would like to be rich and keep my micra along with a new car for work. But looks like I can't :(
  3. chipedwood

    My "moddedmicra" K11 Super S Blog!

    I'm crying. Look at the page before then this. It hurts my soul. Glad your okay.
  4. chipedwood

    SR Pop Out Side Windows £10

    It is possible to fit these windows into any K11, they all have the holes but I am still trying to work out how to attack them. Had mine sat around for ages. Just waiting until I feel creative and think of a way to get these in. If you want to check the holes are 1 behind the rear seatbelt...
  5. chipedwood

    CD's will not work!

    It could be that the CD has been burned wrong. Check if they work in a normal CD player.
  6. chipedwood

    How hot is the K11 heater?

    Mines pretty damn hot. I drive aorund with the windows down and the heaters on in the winter lol. Then I'm warm and I have fresh air!
  7. chipedwood

    taking back seats out

    That's odd, surely having no back seats makes you less liable to cause injury to any passengers. Like turning a car into a van? BUt I guess if you are declaring other mods then it is likely they won't see it as that. No real benefit in it anyway. Want to lose weight in the rear end, put less...
  8. chipedwood

    CD player for K11?

    Go into a pub, wait for someone to come around who looks a bit dodgy, get a stolen one! Or do the honest thing and buy one, online are a lot cheaper than halfords though.
  9. chipedwood

    Looking for these wheels (pics inside)

    I know this isn't much help but there was a set on ebay a few days ago.
  10. chipedwood

    New car :D

    Doesn't look Grey, guess it has been resprayed at some point then?
  11. chipedwood

    We're #1

    Not sure if this has ever been noted but if you type Micra into Google, we come up before Nissan official site. Also typing Micra K11 into images you get loads of modified Micras' and very few stock. So whoever wrote up all the tags for this site is better than the person who wrote the...
  12. chipedwood

    Mesh + grill = how?

    Hot glue is the best way, sets in about 2 mins and is really good for just putting a big blob on and pushing the mesh into it. If it goes wrong it is easy to remove too :)
  13. chipedwood

    Yello guys...oldie here

    Can I see the Leon? I don't know you, but I've been here a while.
  14. chipedwood

    Handle-less doors

    hang on one second you say you must be able to open from outside then you say weld them shut! You confuse me!
  15. chipedwood

    New Car....?!

    Sorry to hijack but what you think would be good if I was to get a new job where I would be earning enough and have enough job security to have any car I wanted on finance? I mean any car upto about 25k that is.
  16. chipedwood

    fag lighter?

    It's quite a quick job, I was shocked as I was all set to be finding myself a 12v live and wiring it all in. It took literally 5 mins. To be honest I've never used it. I just wanted one because it wasn't there and my girlfriend bought me one. win win.
  17. chipedwood

    MSC lanyard/keyring?

    Can we have one the shape of the Micra bubble badge with Micra sports club on it? Or possible a rising sun shape like the banner. Would be good for when we sell our cars on too to leave it with they keys!
  18. chipedwood

    If my car was yours what would you do to it?

    If it was mine, I would de bump strip, smooth both bumpers and colour match. Colour code handles boot handle and debadge. Get a nice new bonet. Open the front grille. Get new plates as I don't like the blue bit. De sticker the back. get a second facelift rear wiper and mod the motor so it lies...
  19. chipedwood

    some help needed!

    oh the guy is called MPH on the forum if you want to message him.
  20. chipedwood

    some help needed!

    Check here These are 55mm lowering spring from a guy on here. Explains most of it in that thread and there is a picture :D