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  1. joesouthgate

    JAE 2016 - Discussion Thread!

    I'm aiming for around 12 but may be later than that by the time I've picked up my Landy from girlfriends house and caravan from storage and bbq from my friends house!
  2. joesouthgate

    JAE 2016 - Discussion Thread!

    Don't worry its confirmed I'll be there Thursday :)
  3. joesouthgate

    JAE 2016 - Discussion Thread!

    Not 100% sure if I'll be there on the Thursday now or the Friday as I'm in the middle of training on my new job.
  4. joesouthgate

    JAE 2016 Ticket Thread

    Already Bought my Ticket through JAE but obviously I'll be having 3x BBQs
  5. joesouthgate

    JAE 2016 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    Goes without saying I'll be there in who knows what. Probably Discovery and Caravan :)
  6. joesouthgate

    J.Starr's R420 SR

    Looks good mate They are driving lights in the super s and sr and as a result do not come with a switch. They should only come on with main beam.
  7. joesouthgate

    K11 First Cat to Downpipe Bolts

    Just thought I would post up the Nissan part numbers for these as I couldn't find them anywhere and they do have a tendency to sheer off. For £8.69 for a pair I thought it was worth fitting the genuine part rather than bodging in some course thread bolts and nuts. These ones: Part Number...
  8. joesouthgate

    joesouthgate's latest Micra Super S!

    Got a Frankspeed manifold a few weeks ago and painted it up a more subtle colour. All fitted with a new lambda sensor
  9. joesouthgate

    The Return and Revival of Layla.

    Good to see another car staying in the club :)
  10. joesouthgate

    One year on

    Haha fair enough Max thats a busy year. During my first year of driving I had 1 Land Rover, 2 Micras and a motorbike so you've beaten me!
  11. joesouthgate

    joesouthgate's latest Micra Super S!

    Nothing particularly exciting, fitted LEDs to my dials as I was sick of barely being able to see them!
  12. joesouthgate

    The search for my original micra! (DA02 WDO)

    Pay the DVLA £2.50 and they'll give you the name and address of the current registered keeper
  13. joesouthgate

    joesouthgate's latest Micra Super S!

    Skoda is gone so the Micra is now on the road, classic insurance for £260 all in :)
  14. joesouthgate

    Differences between JDM/OEM and eBay 'Heiko' Wind Deflectors

    The heiko ones sit in the window guide the oem ones sit on the outside of the window, I'm not sure how they fix, I've not had a set.
  15. joesouthgate

    Mildred the Micra

    Seeing as the last post on this thread was just a couple of weeks ago yes the forums are still in use!
  16. joesouthgate

    Street Racing / Illegal Activities Whilst Driving Posts

    This is mainly an issue on the Facebook group but I will reiterate here what I have posted on there. Posts about street racing or posts with reference to using mobile devices (including taking pictures) whilst driving will be removed without warning and users may be Warned / Banned. The Micra...
  17. joesouthgate

    joesouthgate's latest Micra Super S!

    Just got a Classic Insurance Quote with Footman James for £221 so should be all road legal in the next couple of weeks :)
  18. joesouthgate

    JAE 2015 - Discussion Thread!

    Photos thread started:
  19. joesouthgate

    Official JAE 2015 Photos Thread

    Feel free to post all your photos on here for all to see :) I didn't actually take any but here's a photo from James that we've all stolen on Facebook :)