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  1. ollyc98

    Free car

    Getting a new car on the 20th, need to get rid of my car as I need the space, I was gunna scrap it but decided to see if anyone wanted a project. 1991 Seat Marbella (Fiat Panda) 843cc. Tax til end of Feb, MOT til April I think. A little over 60k miles. New plugs, leads and dizzy cap. Nearly...
  2. ollyc98

    Give blood

    I'm not wanting to pressure people or anything, just a reminder to people to give blood, only 4% of people that can, do. Don't be part of the other 96%. It's quick and relatively painless. I gave my first pint yesterday, took 4 minutes, got off the bed and my blood pressure took a dive...
  3. ollyc98

    For sale: Four 13 inch 6j pepperpots ford fitment (4x108mm)

    I know it's no good for the micra owners but some of you may own a ford or know someone who does. How much do I want? Well I want £200 as they owe me £240 but I know I won't get that much so £100 no offers 2 with Kumho KH17 tyres, 2 with GTRadial Champiro tyres. 175/60/13's Tread is like new...
  4. ollyc98

    Rim width confusion

    Dunno if anyone can help with this. My wheels are listed in the manual as 4.5bx13 (I know, really wide) was just wondering what the 'b' means rather than the normal 'j' that would be after the rim width. Thanks
  5. ollyc98

    Wanted: micra, any micra

    Right, got a bit of money together now, not a massive amount just yet but hopefully enough to buy an ok micra. Would prefer a K11 but suspect I'll be looking at K10s on my current budget. Must have an MOT, at least a couple of months. Mileage under 90k please :D What's out there? Thanks
  6. ollyc98

    Auto K11

    My POS ford is slowly dying so I am trying to save enough money for an auto K11. I'm always stuck in traffic in town so fed up of using my left foot. I know autos suck the joy out of driving but I don't get any of that anymore anyway. Don't care about engine size, mileage under 80k please...
  7. ollyc98

    Not a Micra

    But I thought you might be interested in what I'm rolling around in these days (if it passes it's MOT Tuesday). Of course I only have it til I get another Micra. All mods done by me. The stripes are the +40bhp 150mm type :p Best mod so far is the Kumho KH17's on the back, need to get the...
  8. ollyc98

    Auto K11

    I suspect my Ford may fail it's MOT next month. On my daily trip to work I change gear a million times. It's really annoying. I have decided an automatic is in order, I'm not really a race driver and the type of driving I do doesn't need a manual box. Yeah I'm just being lazy really. Back to...
  9. ollyc98

    Free: car ramps

    Ramps what you drive your car onto, what more can I say lol. They seem solid enough, but collect and use at your own risk. Much safer to use than a jack, but I like to use axle stands as well for extra safety. I can't use them as my drive isn't level enough.
  10. ollyc98

    The worst your car has looked

    What's the worst state your car has ever been in? Today I had to strip down the whole front end to get to a bit of rust on the chassis leg. Took an hour to strip down, weld and rebuild. I undid a total of 3 bolts. These cars go together like lego.
  11. ollyc98

    Free to a loving home

    My neglected oxy-propane welder. Now I'm back using a MIG I have no need for gas welding. It's a bit dusty and as I have no history on the regulators/hoses/valves I can't charge anything for it. It does work though. It's out of oxygen and almost out of propane, replacement gas bottles...
  12. ollyc98

    My new wheels

    Citroen AX 10 Good points: MOT til december. Bad points: After having a good look at it it's been in at least one accident and been repaired very badly. Oil is white and exhaust is smokey. Everything else. Mods so far include tacho/oil pressure/volt/water temp gauge as the car doesn't...
  13. ollyc98

    Google maps is really out of date

    By about a year, found a pic of my old micra:
  14. ollyc98

    The importance of a correctly sized main jet

    I had a bored out engine and aftermarket exhaust but the person the fitted them didn't re-jet the carb as I found out yesterday. I was cruising along full throttle in 4th at about 9000rpm when I had a sudden loss of power, my boots were covered in oil and water. I rolled to the side of the...
  15. ollyc98


    So as not to junk up franks thread any more I started this one. Discuss.... £350 for a nitrous install, as much extra power as you want, also gives colder EGT's. The extra heat from a turbo will cause damage to a standard engine, more than a properly tuned nitrous system will
  16. ollyc98

    Laquering vinyl

    I have some stickers for my motorbike tank and I don't want the petrol spills to eat away at them so wondered if it's safe to lacquer over them. I know some plastics react and I don't have any spare to test it on. Anyone know? Thanks
  17. ollyc98

    Cheap DIY arch roller

    With all this chat about arch rolling and from what I've seen of arch rollers I think someone on here may be able to build one. Frank, you're just the man for the job. I was thinking a steel wheel with a scaffold pole hinged on the bottom with a scissor jack welded to the top of the wheel and...
  18. ollyc98

    I miss my old Micra!!!!

    Just saw it roll past, it's looking lower than when I sold it so I guess the suspension settled. Some silly stickers all over it but I forgot how pretty it was. Looks like my next car is gunna be another Micra
  19. ollyc98

    Piston return spring?

    More useful tools and tuning parts available here:
  20. ollyc98

    Chassis stiffening foam

    I heard somewhere about a 2 part Polyurethane foam that you spray into the sills/crossmembers/any other stressed part. It's claimed it'll stiffen up anywhere from 40-300% and it's safer in an accident than stitch welding. Anyone tried this stuff before? Any thoughts?