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  1. burkey0013

    K10 rear disc conversion options

    Hi guys Has anyone done a rear disc conversion on k10 ? Is there any bolt on kit options ? Thanks Sent from my SM-G970F using Tapatalk
  2. burkey0013

    Superturbo parts for sale

    Hi guys selling some parts not needed as of my planned upgrades Oem ma09ert ECU with nistune type 1 board fitted . OEM engine wiring harness with plug fitted for rb25det maf Rb25det maf Perfect working order ufo valve Perfect working order by pass valve All solenoid valves I would do...
  3. burkey0013

    1989 Superturbo

    Hi guys ! Return of a long time member - Adam ! Starting a new thread on my march superturbo I had a superturbo 12 years ago and I could never get it running correctly. To be honest I was too young to own the type of car it is. I also had a k11 super s with nismo lips and when I look at some of...
  4. burkey0013

    Super s / G# bumpers - Nismo kit

    Hi guys Im looking for front and rear Super s / G# bumpers if anyone has some lying about ? i would actually take a full car either Also im looking for full nismo lip kit and spoiler, i amlooking for genuine items in good condition or even damaged. Thanks Please private message me or i...
  5. burkey0013

    engine dieing maybe??

    ok so my car began to splutter the other day and i decided to service it as its last one was 17,000 miles ago...anyway i found oil all down cylinder 2 where the plug lead goes and the plug was covered in oil....serviced it and it was good then the next day it began to splutter again? its only at...
  6. burkey0013

    mileage !!!!!!!!!!!! help

    i have a stainless exhaust from manifold back,roughly 2.25 inches and i got 200 mile from a full this right or wrong?
  7. burkey0013


    what coilovers have the biggest drop for the talking 70 mm plus....
  8. burkey0013

    window tints

    has anyone here done their own window tints??i was thinkin of doing mine and taking out the window to go it....advice ? ha bump
  9. burkey0013

    top speed

    what top speed should a pre facelift 1.3 k11 do..... mine goes of the clock in fourth are all the 1.3's like this? obiously on i closed road!
  10. burkey0013

    what parts will fit?

    i have a k11 93...jus found a 98 facelift k11 for breaking....just wondering will the the running gear..brakes shocks,driveshafts fit?? is the gerabox the same shape wit same mounts?? basicaly im lookin to strip the 98 for my 93
  11. burkey0013

    STANI'S banzi....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    bought the new edition of banzai today and stanis micra is in the crail raceway section!!!! well done
  12. burkey0013

    photoshop intercooler

    can anyone stick a front mount intercooler on this with orange wheels and lowered more....o and all the body paint a brighter white?? it will be interesting to see if ye can do it!
  13. burkey0013

    gtir / supers

    i have a k11 and my friend has a gtir and i can have whatever parts i want for free.......first thing im taking the calipers but what else will fit??? the shortshifter?? my friend said i should get the gtir front end (bumper wings,bonnet etc) and put it on the front of my micra
  14. burkey0013

    photoshop challenge

    this is prob a hard photoshop for someone to do the white body a lighter shade of white like the wheels (ice white) the wheels a nice orange like an orange ha lowered more like coilovers lightly tinted windows
  15. burkey0013

    photoshop challenge

    this is prob a hard photoshop for someone to do the white body a lighter shade of white the wheels a nice orange lowered more lightly tinted windows
  16. burkey0013

    paypal trouble...please help??

    hi guys ...i have signed up with paypal bu t it now says confirm my card...i dont want to use a credit card i want to use a prepayed 3v sure ye all know of 3v anyway can anyone help me with a walkthrough of how to add my 3v card and top up my paypal account as im trying to buy stuff...
  17. burkey0013

    white super s!!!

    if anyone has any pics of a white super s on there laptop/computer please post......just looking for some ideas to do to mine...
  18. burkey0013

    k11 and primera gt

    does ne1 know if the brakes,suspension will fit the k11 will the engine mounts need to be custom if i was to put in a primera gt?? can the k11 clocks be kept if an engine conversion was to be done?? could spmebody post a link to a tread that has already dealt to this (if there is one)...
  19. burkey0013

    nismo stuff??

    so anyone got any nismo parts lying up?? i looking for a spoiler,side spats and a front grille....and ive already spoken to AMY and she ha s lips which i should be getin off her :grinning:
  20. burkey0013

    yahoo japan

    how do i go about getting the language pack so i can see yahoo japan??? wat do i do??