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  1. Tornado

    OBD2 ELM327 scanner

    Hi, I've just got one of these fellas working, yay, just wondering about leaving it plugged in all the time. It does have a power on/off switch on it, but still not sure. Any ideas? I suppose I will run a parasitic drain test and see, but what experience do you guys have? Thx.
  2. Tornado

    K12 1st/2nd Gear Stiff

    (K12 '03 1.0L, 110k miles) So I'm cruising along, engine warm, need to down shift for a turn, into 4th and 3rd is fine, changing to 2nd is not so nice, not crunching but baulkier, stiffer. Double de-clutching makes no difference. I'm reluctant to spend 60-80 bucks on gearbox oil, is there a...
  3. Tornado

    Passed it's test!

    She passed the NCT (MOT to some) today, not a bother! Think I'll treat myself to an OBD2 device, change the oil and filter, maybe wait for warmer weather to do something about the paint that is missing in patches. Oh, and do some rust treatment. Fab. 🚙
  4. Tornado


    I was thinking of applying Hammerite underbody seal with waxoyl, however I've been re-felting my shed and find I have a good bit of Bostik felt adhesive left over. It's black and gloopy like treakle, and claims to remain flexible, moving with the felt as the temperature changes. So, I'm...
  5. Tornado

    Paint ... etch primer?

    What am I seeing here? First pic is a flake of paint, which is a different colour underneath. Does that mean it's top coat and primer combined? Second pic seems to show top coat, some primer and some galvanised metal? So, would etch primer be the best bet? I have some top coat in the correct...
  6. Tornado

    K12 factory Workshop Manual Here:

    I have a Nissan Micra K12 Factory Workshop Manual But it's 304mb of PDFs, (or 138mb zip) I'm not sure how to post it, assuming anyone's interested? I keep getting "run into a problem". It's from this site...
  7. Tornado

    Oil filter change...least messy?

    Ok, I've change a few oil filters before, but the last time on my K11, I wound up with oil flowing up my arm. Rats. So, I dunno, a plastic bag over the filter...hard to keep in place with all the turning involved. Stick a pokey thing through to let it drain more controllably? I have a variety of...
  8. Tornado

    A quick Q...rear light removal.

    So the rear light cluster is held by two 10mm bolts, but there is a hidden clip too. Do I pull the assembly straight back, or tilt it or what? There is some condensation in there I'd like to get rid of. Thanks.
  9. Tornado

    K12 '03 5 door boggo speaker quality?

    Hi, my new-to-me K12 sounds ok with a Sony head unit, wondering about cheap upgrades, I have 2 6x9 out of my lamented K11, wish I still had the pillar tweeters. Are the standard speakers blaupunkt and not too bad? RMS power rate? Looking for an clear, balanced sound, no mega bass or that kind of...
  10. Tornado

    On the button cold but if stalled or stopped hard to restart.

    She starts fine from cold but if stalled or stopped v. hard to restart. Starts very nicely even very cold and ticks over grand, runs fine too but can cut out in slow traffic, maybe my fault, or if I switch off it's very reluctant to start again for some minutes. Then she runs well again. Once...
  11. Tornado

    Halfords Magnatec offer. (3rd January 2021)

    I see the above deal at €20.66 euro or Sterling equivalent. Just sayin'.
  12. Tornado

    So, how do you get out of your car?

    Silly, I know do YOU get out? My previous K11 was a three door, the B pillar was further back so my right hand would go to the door frame where B met the floor, and I'd leaver myself out. My K12 is a five door so the B pillar is further to the front, making that more awkward. Perhaps...
  13. Tornado

    Speedo under reads?

    Hi, my new-to-me 2003 K12 1.0 speedometer seem to under read, compared to the revs and GPS. (I read the car is geared 18.6 mph per 1k rpm.) At 2k rpm the clock says 33mph, should say 37 or so. At 2.5k rpm, speedo 40, should be 46. My GPS can be hard to lock on, but when it does it seems to say...
  14. Tornado

    Paint falling off in patches!

    Hi, my new to me 2003 K12 in blue has paint missing in patches, right down to the galvanised metal. I'll get a rattle can of the right colour made up, will I need primer on first? I don't expect a perfect finish, just tidy it up a bit and stop it getting worse. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions...
  15. Tornado

    Oh dearie me!

    Sad to say, my less than 90k miles 2002 K11 has catastrophically failed it's NCT, with massive corrosion underneath and other stuff. The local garage who replaced the clutch just last year says over a grand to fix, and of course it could just fail again anyway. The downside of living in a...
  16. Tornado

    Safe revs?

    I wonder what max revs people people use in day-to-day and also in "spirited" (a.k.a. maintaining progress) driving? To be honest I rarely hit 4k, which is max torque, and the theory is to go past max torque so the next gear lands you just under max. Mine is standard 998cc 2002, 78k miles which...
  17. Tornado

    5w-40 oil ok?

    So I finally got around to changing the oil and filter on my '02 998cc with 78K miles on it, and let me tell you, the next time the flipin' filter can just stay in place! Lots of oil pouring up/down my arm, predictably enough, I suppose. It's over two years since the last change, but then again...
  18. Tornado

    Oh Dear....ground to a halt!

    A few days ago I thought she might be getting slightly slow to start in the morning, so I hooked up the battery charger with the battery still in the car, it drew 3 or 4 amps at first, then about zero hours later. Grand, no great difference to starting, but fine anyway. So this evening I had a...
  19. Tornado

    Radio sound drops out.

    The after market radio/mp3 player is acting up, individual speakers drop out at random, if I go over a small bump, the whole radio can reset, sometimes just having to re-read the usb, sometimes triggering the NATS tones. Switch cleaner on the contacts at the back of the radio can help a bit...
  20. Tornado

    Came across this....

    Yep, that's a Dublin reg. Copyright Luke Lawnicki, I think, hope that's ok. Luke Lawnicki