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  1. DR1FTER

    Cams & intakes

    ok so ive got a couple of questions: 1. what size is the inlet on the throttle for the micra. im thinking of making my own but i dont know the size. 2. are the cams for the dizzy different from the ones for the coilpack. i can only find performance cams referencing "1.3" but im looking to get a...
  2. DR1FTER

    Possible ECU Changes?

    ok so. i want to mess around with my micra's ecu program but i need some help... am i able to do it on the stock ecu? if not then which ecu option should i choose? speeduino? DET3? nistune board? thanks
  3. DR1FTER

    First car. coil or dizzy?

    hey so, I've been wanting a micra for a first car for a while because they're pretty cheap on insurance and cheap in general. I do however want to add power in the future and I was just wondering which engine would be better in the long run, coilpack or dizzy?
  4. DR1FTER

    Aftermarket ECUs?

    I was wondering if a Megasquirt 2 ecu would work in a 97 Micra? (distributor). Even though Nistune piggyback boards might be cheaper. I might save up for a megasquirt 2 because of the very wide tuning possibilities with it compared to a piggyback board like the nistune type 4. I might be wrong...
  5. DR1FTER

    K11 micra engine types

    I'd just like some info on the k11 micra engines. I'm looking for a coilpack k11 maybe as a first (drivable) car but idk what year the coilpack came in. I currently have a 97 k11 but I'm scrapping because it has too much work needed for it to pass it's mot. Thanks
  6. DR1FTER

    K11 Wheel Bolt Pattern?

    Ive been told the lug pattern is 4x100 but im not sure because i want to get some new wheels for a micra i might be buying.
  7. DR1FTER

    Whats a good turbo to get?

    i have a bone stock cg13-de micra that i'd like to turbo. Keeping in mind, i don't want to build the engine. I was wondering if there was any turbo that could be used on stock internals without blowing up the engine.
  8. DR1FTER

    Rev limiter worth it?

    Just noticed how much ive asked here in the past couple of weeks. :) I was wondering if a rev limit is worth it and if it is, i was wondering if anyone can recommend me any fuel cut rev limiters. If all rev limiters are spark cut then just tell me, since im not that well up on them. Thanks
  9. DR1FTER app not working?

    Firstly, sorry to the admins of the forum, I can't find the correct forum to place this in. Whenever I click on the app, it comes up with invalid license? I don't know why. Thanks
  10. DR1FTER

    CG13-DE head on a CG10-DE block?

    Is that possible? I've heard people talk about it but I don't know if it's really possible? Thanks
  11. DR1FTER

    ECU Tuning?

    Ok, so. I was wondering if theres any way to edit the map on a stock distrib ecu? Ive found nothing anywhere and i was wondering if you have to get an aftermarket ecu to change anything with it.
  12. DR1FTER

    Does the K11 use OBD OR OBD2

    I was wondering because I'm looking to see if i can find any standalone ECUs to put in my K11. But I don't know if it is OBD or OBD2? Can someone help. Thanks.